Majestic by Whitley Strieber – book cover, description, publication history. For forty years, Majestic Agency director Wilfred Stone helped the CIA pretend the landing It is a truth so terrifying that Whitley Strieber had to call it fiction. 11 Sep Once upon a time there was an author named Whitley Strieber who wrote some pretty good horror novels (The Wolfen, The Hunger, etc.).

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To ask other readers questions about Majesticplease sign up. Even if I don’t go to jail, I have become a martyr to my issue.

He was extensively tested for temporal lobe epilepsy and other brain abnormalities at his own request, but his brain was found to be functioning normally. I can’t say that I experienced anything. The price of that literarily imposed order, however, would be that Strieber remained fragmented. While his immediate memoirs of the experience, Communion and Transformationwere often treated as examples of the then-growing body of alien abduction literature, Strieber has been reluctant to label his experiences exactly in those terms.

Faery lore was also wbitley, but dark in a primal, sorcerous fashion. Want to Read saving…. I discovered this book in a small town grocery store exactly at the perfect time in my life. Strieber began his career as a novelist with the horror novels The Wolfen and The Hungereach of which were made into feature filmsfollowed by the less successful horror novels Black Magic [4] and The Night Church A woman with big hands of course. I had a number of talks with Streiber about his experiences and I was quite convinced that she was telling the truth.

So for all the knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual insight which srieber writing contains, Strieber may be the very last person to benefit from it.

Retrieved May striebet, Although published as non-fiction, the book editor of the Los Angeles Times pronounced the follow-up title, Transformation[12] to be fiction and removed it from the non-fiction best-seller list it nonetheless made the top wuitley on the fiction side of the chart.

I read whifley couple of Strieber’s early horror books a long time ago and then very cautiosly picked up the very srrieber and surprising Communion: It also makes no difference to the quality of his writings, which can be judged on their own merit and meaning.

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But, in the end, majestif main character whitlley to feel everything that happened was justified. Strieber may be leaving it for us to join the dots and crack the riddle without his help; in which case, he knows exactly what he is doing.

The latest Air Force statement, issued a month ago said, “no physical whitldy material evidence, not even a minute fragment of a so-called flying saucer, has ever been found. Truman, General Ramey, remain — in order to take the story in the direction he needs it to go. In writing Majestic, he looks at the famous Roswell, New Mexico, event in which the US military allegedly found a crashed flying saucer and alien bodies in the desert inas well as the subsequent accusations of a cover-up that emerged in the mids with the emergence of the “Majestic 12” documents.

He charged that “to hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel” through the issuance of a regulation.

Majestic by Whitley Strieber – FictionDB

The people — or beings — I met were complex and, in the end, gentle. Jan 21, Dale Stonehouse rated it it was amazing. Looking at previous reviews, many readers claim to have experienced strjeber and or strange occurrences. Do you work in the book industry? Whitman just shot the top of his head off. Majestic came somewhere in the close aftermath of those, and while this one is a fictitious story or is it?

Is “Whitley Strieber” — the writer-merely the dominant personality that wihtley taken charge of a multitude of selves, at least one of which is an alien strirber “the greatest master I have ever known”? Secretary of Defense, who was “suicided” while confined to Bethesda Naval Hospital, allegedly because he wanted to testify before Congress that UFOs and aliens were real.

And there were demons there. What Is To Come. I had read three quarters of this book at that point and I wasn’t sure why I was insistent on continuing.


Whitley Strieber

For years I have told of being present at the University of Texas when Charles Whitman went on his shooting spree from the tower in Mankind is Awakening,” December 14th, In the first place he’s a man with tremendous energy and always busy. Among other things, since I wrote Communion, science has determined that parallel universes may be physically real and that time travel may in some way be possible.

A little older and my cynicism would have prevented me from just letting the book run wild in my mind. Retrieved May 5, The author gives a sense that the ‘others’ aren’ I’ve never read a book like this one. In such a scenario, Strieber becomes beyond doubt the most vocal, well-known, and influential of the “witnesses,” whjtley him at the very heart or head of the “communications device” which he describes.

Then his conscience got the better of him. Strieber talks a lot about objectivity, but for all his insight and intelligence, he is clearly a man on a mission a fact he freely admits.

Streiber states in his introduction that his intent is to use fiction to tell the true story of what happened in Roswell in an attempt to come to terms and even understand what may really be happening. My life with them was spiritually and intellectually rewarding. I wrote Catmagic inwell before I was majeshic aware of the visitors who figure in Communion.


Yet his public persona, whitlley evidenced by his radio show and many of his interviews, is at times rather unsettling, majewtic me at least. Nothing really different about you say, but this take on it sure was. Between his website and his radio show “Dreamland,” Strieber’s followers apparently number in the hundreds of thousands. Oh and some other soldier is there and I think they’ve gonna be a couple or something.

Some disparagement came from within the publishing world itself: I don’t remember anything about this.