The only trilogy in Greek drama that survives from antiquity, Aeschylus’ The Oresteia is translated by Robert Fagles with an introduction, notes and glossary. In the Oresteia—the only trilogy in Greek drama which survives from .. I can only vouch for this Robert Fagles’ translation, but yes, astonishingly gripping after. Robert Fagles (tr.): Aeschylus, The Oresteia. Pp. vii + London: Wildwood House, (New York: The Viking Press, ). Cloth, £7·95 [Book Review].

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Over the victim’s burning head this chant this frenzy striking frenzy lightning crazing the mind this hymn of Fury chaining the senses, ripping across the lyre, withering lives of men! The first time through I read it with only some of the initial commentary of the translator. He took part in the Persian Wars and his epitaph, said to have been written by himself, represents him as fighting at Marathon.

They’ve seeped into our collective unconscious, our cultural heritage- noble, tormented, insecure and niaeve Agamemnon, bitter and cunning and oppressed and grand Clytemnestra, sleazy and arrogant Aegisthus. In this way, Aeschylus is a religious poet who believes in redemptive sacrifice. The Oresteia is the only one which has come down to us intact. If he does kill his mother, fatles story. Aeschylus traveled to Sicily once or twice in the s BC, having He is the earliest of the three Tobert tragedians whose plays survive extant, the others being Sophocles and Euripides.

View More by This Author. Feb 06, Riku Sayuj rated it it was amazing Shelves: Garvie – – The Classical Review 54 At some time in his life he appears to have been prosecuted for divulging the Eleusinian mysteries, but he apparently proved himself innocent. View all 19 comments. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.


Citation Styles for “The Oresteia”

Parents and children at each other’s throats again. But there is a cure in the house, and not outside it, no, not from others but from them, their bloody strife. Long, immeasurable time brings everything hidden to light and hides what is apparent. Smart – – Philosophy of the Social Sciences 7 4: About The Oresteia In the Oresteia Aeschylus addressed the bloody chain of murder and revenge within the royal family of Argos.

Nothing that strikes a note of brutal conquest. As soon as he woke from the dream, the young Aeschylus began writing a tragedy, and his first performance took place in BC, when he was only 26 years old. But Apollo and Athena, representing the new order and morality, intervene.

In fact, the epitaph on his gravestone, possibly written by himself, mentions Marathon and not his plays: Looking forward to studying it for class and writing about it. As the name implies, members of the cult were supposed to have gained some sort of mystical, secret knowledge.

Has anyone else read the Oresteia in the original Greek? Aeschylus’ prose certainly deserves five stars, so dense and moving. Still, I thought I should read a summary of this first since it is an audio play, complete with the chorus. I give it four stars only because the ending is a bit too quick and not completely satisfying, especially considering how amazing the opening of the watchman scene is.

So much of Western civilization is based on Greek culture, one really should read these plays. The three plays of the Oresteia portray the bloody events that follow the victorious return of King Agamemnon from the Trojan War, at the start of which he had sacrificed his daughter Iphigeneia to secure divine favor.


Literary Collections Literary Criticism. Aeschylus has a way with ironic, monumental dialogues which portend tremendous climaxes.

The Oresteia by Aeschylus, Robert Fagles & W. B. Stanford on Apple Books

Yeah, but thr still more than that. The penguin classics version is to be particularly recommended – The translation works very well and the 90 page introduction is just brilliant. The Oresteia of Aeschylus: Just passed the Libation Bearers.

According to some sources, an angry mob tried to kill Aeschylus on the spot, but he fled the scene. Penguin- Drama – pages. We want no part of their pious white robes- the Fates who gave us power made us free. From the introductory essay: The lack of control, being tossed this way and that like a lone battered ship caught in a divine storm, the uncertainty of life and yet the certainty of eternal torment–such is the definition of hell.

The Oresteia: Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers, The Eumenides by Aeschylus

Lucky for me and you, too, dear reader! Sign in Create an account. Much food for thought about transforming the bloodlust of primitive tribal vendetta into the more civilized concepts of justice found in a ogesteia society based on laws, courts, and judges.

But it is in this intervention that Aeschylus really delivers his message to Greece.