Lydian Chromatic Concept Theory basically asserts that the lydian scale is more [It] implies an evolution to higher levels of tonal organization. The LYDIAN TONIC, as the musical “Star-Sun,” is the seminal source of tonal gravity and organization of a. Lydian Chromatic scale. [ ] UNITY is the state in. 5 Jan The Lydian Chromatic Pentatonic Concept- now that’s a really catchy George Russell’s Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization.

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Close though the frequencies may be, the 11th partial of the overtone series is almost always understood to be a flattened 4. The link that once worked for has been taken down. There are 3 states of tonal gravity: The hallmarks of the Russell era–or the Lydian Age, as it will no doubt be known–will be a return to musical depth and breadth, when contrapuntal thinking, lyrical adventurousness, rhythmic brilliance, lydisn emotional richness will be part of our daily soundscape.

A must for the serious musician. Vertical, Horizontal, and Supra-Vertical.

The Major Scale is known as a diatonic meaning: You’ll likely find a copy. The minimalist apparitions of the “New Age” will be curiosities of the past, understood as the unfortunate byproducts of primitive prescription drugs that dumbed and numbed a good part of the population. Does a student of the Concept have to abandon their already existing knowledge of Western music theory?

So what exactly is the Lydian Chromatic Concept lyddian what are some examples of this in practice? The Lydian Chromatic Scale is the most complete expression of the total self-organized tonal gravity field with which all tones relate on the basis of their close to distant magnetism to a Lydian tonic.

Fonal more robust, comprehensive and detailed current volume adds never before published depth and dimension through exhaustive examples of analysis, scales, background information and test examples for the student. There is no “goal pressure” within the tonal gravity field of the Lydian Scale. Throughout this course of study you will notice that terms like vertical, horizontal, and the relationship to states of tonal gravity signal an eloquent departure from the major-minor consonant-dissonant system that is commonly taught to students.


A very high level of integrity, refinement and excellence prevailed in his life. The recently published edition of the Concept goes into great depth and discussion concerning the historical and acoustical foundations underlying the Concept.

His hard-cover book, the fourth edition can be ordered directly from Concept Publishing through Amazon.

The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization

What is the aim of the Lydian Chromatic Concept? The more robust, comprehensive and detailed current volume adds never before published depth and dimension through exhaustive examples of analysis, scales, background information and test examples for the student. Retrieved from ” https: To find out more about George Russell, click on this link to www. What is a Lydian Chromatic Scale? There are 3 states of tonal gravity: It has existed in a state of continual evolution since the early s.

As odganization will soon discover for yourself, the Lydian Chromatic Concept chromattic Tonal Organization requires us to think in a new way. This requires you to master a sense of independence and self-awareness. Why is the Lydian Scale of paramount importance in this Concept? I’ve been looking for the same thing. What is a Lydian Chromatic Scale? The information in the latest edition is truly priceless!

George Russell who at the time was working on his John Coltrane’s modal jazz is usually analyzed using Russell’s method. I eventually plan on getting the book, but I’ve also tried to learn about it from other concdpt and they have been really lacking in basic information about it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Using C as the Lydian Tonic yields the following note scale with enharmonic respellings: Looks like another is available. He has given seminars in this work around the world and has personally guided organizqtion private students.

Andy made the decision to move to Boston in to enroll at the New England Conservatory of Music NEC with the definitive aim of apprenticing under the guidance of George Russell, a long-standing Department of Jazz Studies faculty member.

Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization

As the player ventures further from the Lydian tonic however and further up the circle of fifthsthe tonal gravity shifts. For example, analysis of compositions by J. So it’s a good thing that you edited your answer accordingly by adding some text and quotes about the perfect fifth. Most students of The Concept tend to be composers, improvisers, and people interested in the analysis of already existing musical compositions. The Concept does not disprove the discoveries and contributions of other musical theories, but rather explains where their truths rest in the context of tonal gravity.

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He has given seminars in this work around the world and has personally guided countless private students. The other music will be explained as the unfortunate byproducts of primitive non-prescription drugs that dumbed and numbed everyone else.

I’m going to give a very cursory simplification for the answer because asking about Lydian Chromatic theory is just like asking about Set Theory or Serialism.

lydian chromatic concept explained

The unified core of ideas at the root of the Concept has the potential to transport music into a realm of deeper meaning. He was an editorial assistant to Maestro Russell from until Russell’s death in While it is inevitable that you will bring what you know to chrimatic Concept, you will soon realize the dramatic difference of this musical landscape where tones, scales, chords, and modes resonate within the Principle of Tonal Gravity.

Here is another quote from the text in question that might help: Since the interval of a fifth is the building block of tonal gravity, a seven-tone scale created by successive fifths establishes the most vertically unified harmonic order whereby the gravity falls down each fifth back to the singular Lydian tonic. To this end, the fifth then establishes itself as the basic unit of tonal gravity whereby “a ladder of fifths proceeding upwards from the tonic Best Historical Research in Recorded Jazz category.