Title, TapRooT: Root Cause Tree Dictionary. Contributor, System Improvements, Inc. Edition, 7. Publisher, System Improvements, ISBN, Title, TapRoot Root Cause Tree Dictionary. Authors, Mark Paradies, Linda Unger. Contributor, System Improvements, Inc. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, System. : TapRooT Root Cause Tree Dictionary () by Inc. Editorial Staff; System Improvement and a great selection of similar New, Used.

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Let me show you. The first steps of the 7-Step Investigation Process are to plan the investigation, collect information, and understand what happened. Prior to implementing TapRooT inwe performed incident investigations but we cauae stopped… ExxonMobil. We held our first on-site Taproot root cause tree dictionary Training in mid Not just a root cause analysis system, but a complete investigation process that helps investigators collect the information they need taproot root cause tree dictionary find root causes.

Over 20 years ago, we started with 6 years of research into human performance and the best incident investigation and root cause analysis systems.

Dan Verlinde VP, Software. Garrett Boyd Technical Support. If you get a yes for any of those questions, it indicates that you should continue down that path to see if there is an applicable root cause.

Barb Fause Editorial Director. Chris Vallee Human Factors.

TapRooT® Root Cause Tree Dictionary

Per Ohstrom VP, Sales. Are you using a tool or a system? Rroot are a few that are coming up in the next six months:. Then we put our knowledge to use to build a systematic investigation process with a coherent investigation philosophy. Root Cause Ditionary Tip: Shaun Baker Taproot root cause tree dictionary Support.


Develop fixes to improve performance and stop repeat incidents. Atr the root cause level, you answer the questions taproot root cause tree dictionary see if you have the evidence you need to identify a problem that needs fixing needs improvement.

TapRooT® :: TapRooT® Root Cause Tree Dictionary

Identify the problems that caused the incident. He learned theories behind human error and advanced concepts to correct human factors problems.

It means you have options! Michelle Wishoun Licensing Paralegal.

Question View and Tree View. The Dictionary helps the investigators consistently find root causes using their investigation evidence, This makes rot consistent root cause analysis identification and the ability to trend the results. Look beyond root causes for systemic, cultural, and organizational factors. The list is too long to read here, but it includes: Three free newsletters one weekly, one bi-monthly, and one quarterly to promote continued learning of advanced root cause analysis, equipment taproot root cause tree dictionary, and performance improvement ideas.

Shortly after the training we had another…. Wayne Brown Technical Support.

We needed to find the …. Finally, it helps you develop effective fixes.

Taproot Root Cause Tree Dictionary Editions

SoftwareTechnical SupportTechnically Speaking. Here are a few that are coming up in the next six months: It helps companies TREND their problem data to spot areas needing improvement and measure performance.

Mark Paradies and co-developer Linda Unger crafted a system that includes advanced human performance concepts without being too complex. It uses the latest human performance and equipment reliability technology to help investigators in the field find root causes. Shaun Baker Technical Support.


It is used by leading companies around the world to investigate and fix the root causes of taproot root cause tree dictionary accidents, everyday incidents, minor near-misses, quality issues, human errors, maintenance problems, medical mistakes, productivity issues, manufacturing mistakes, environmental releases … in other words, all types of mission-critical problems. Another taproor feature to the tree are Instruction Banners. It helps you investigate the problem, collect and organize the information dictilnary what happened.

Tested by major governmental and industrial clients around taproot root cause tree dictionary world and continuously improved to produce reliable, repeatable, explainable results. Michelle Wishoun Licensing Paralegal.

Did workers have trouble feeling items because gloves were worn to protect them from cold or hot temperatures? Barb Carr Editorial Director. This sleek design allows you to view as much or as little information at a time while you work through the Basic Cause Categories.

It still is one of its biggest strengths. The graphic also shows the human factors research that is built into the Procedures section. This helps companies more quickly improve performance by solving human performance issues that previously would NOT have been identified and, therefore, would not have been fixed.

Inour employees maintained a lost-time incident rate of 0.