Harv Bus Rev. May-Jun;76(3), 44, Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning. Shaw G(1), Brown R, Bromiley P. Manageris recommande l’article Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning, Harvard Business Review, 29 Jun The 3M company is currently using stories as part of its business planning to .. ” Strategic Stories: How 3M is Rewriting Business Planning.

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SOLYP – Strategic Storytelling: How Fiction Becomes Reality

He found it in the form of strategic stories. Use emotions and passion to allow the listeners to build an emotional connection with the story. Disney, like other corporations is a storytelling organization of many struggling stories, each a different frame of reality, each chased by wandering and fragmenting audiences.

Organizations as storytelling networks: You can gather lots of stories without paying those focus group costs. What is the Disney Storytelling Strategy?

Peter Guber aauthor of the book Tell to Strategic stories how 3m is rewriting business planningputs it this way: On August 10, Megatex workers initiated the official process to have their union certified. The goal should be to create a shared vision for the future, which is both achievable and desirable. In its plurivocality, each Disney story masks diversity and a multiplicity of voices.


Use present tense as if the story were actually happening right now and take a look into the future.

My premise strategic stories how 3m is rewriting business planning that because there is so much opportunity for multiple interpretation, management spends many meeting hours judging stories and st orytellers and hosting focus groups to capture storied characters in its panoptic web of relationships and story performances.

Would you consider these real stories? Corporate leaders are attending workshops to find out how to tell engaging strategic stories with the right mix of plot, climax, and character development Kaye, ; Lieber, ; McKee, David Barry remarks “In organizations, this power is often busineas to seduce, to lull dreamy employees into thinking they’re part of some great cause.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Granted, not every manager or strategist is a born storyteller.

By having a member of the group collect stories?

A postmodern analysis of Disney as “Tamara-land. Try to create a “wow” moment, so that the employees will get up and say: Or are they story fragments? This helps the listeners to better understand the information and recall it easier later on. Strategic Storytelling offers a good alternative for this. Administrative Science Quarterly, 36, The conclusion requires a logical, concise argument that is specific to the situation and leads to th e sotries outcomes.


Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning. – Semantic Scholar

How much control would you want to have over who could read it? Disney Storytelling Strategies, for example, constructs rewriing happy story strategically over the competing voices of alternative stories to sustain a competitive advantage Boje, Do you think that some of these stories are appropriate for business, and others not — or do you think they all are?

Stories can be the best way to package meaning and spur others on to achieve. Rarely do these lists reflect deep thought or inspire commitment. Strategic stories are particularly useful for businesses that are undergoing change; that need to reinvent, restructure, or reposition themselves.

Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning.

Develop a synergistic vision for traditional products. How Fiction Becomes Reality Thursday, The employees to staff the rides and pop corn machines or stitch the clothes in Haiti plaanning assemble the toys in China do not see Disney as the postmodern story machine.

This is something I am developing in the idea of “antenarrative” Boje,a, b.