Taken from the book of the same title by DOM LORENZO SCUPOLI The Spiritual Combat is known as one of the greatest classics in ascetic theology, along. Lorenzo (Lawrence) Scupoli (ca. – 28 November ) was the author of Il combattimento spirituale (The Spiritual Combat), one of the most important. The Spiritual Combat. Dom Lorenzo Scupoli. Translated by. William Lester and Robert Paul Mohan. by Newman Bookshop, New York, US. This work is.

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In this way they effect the corruption of the entire man. O Creator and Spiritual combat scupoli I have dog-eared, underlined, written notes, and prayed with this book ever since coming into full communion with the Catholic church. We must be sorry for our sins. Use them only for some good purpose, some advantageous motive or real necessity, never for the scupolo of mere pleasure.

Dee Gray rated it really liked it Apr 13, In a snort time return again xpiritual the prayers that you spiritual combat scupoli interrupted. The help you have from Heaven is more powerful than all that Hell can send to destroy the grace of God in your soul.

Lorenzo Scupoli

The entire spiritual warfare, consequently, consists in this: But his attacks against each soul are varied. It spiritual combat scupoli happens spirktual the performance of the act brings less merit than the mortification. What is bad originates from the human who vombat against God.

Rejoice that she always observed the will of God perfectly, that she brought forth the Savior of the world and nourished Him with her milk. It is much more difficult to remedy pride of the spiritual combat scupoli than that of the heart.

These methods have been proposed that they may be used at the proper occasion. Reflect frequently, therefore, that spiritual combat scupoli single aspiration, an ejaculation, a genuflection, the least sign of respect for the Divine Majesty, is of greater value than all spirifual treasures of the earth.


Lorenzo Scupoli – Wikipedia

This is true if we view them as just punishments, inflicted on sinners, or as opportunities spiritual combat scupoli the just to obtain merits.

Lorenzo Lawrence Scupoli ca. Consequently, whenever the rule laid down before, which is of the greatest importance on this occasion, is neglected, the spiritual combat scupoli noblest faculties of the soul are bewildered in a network of error, darkness and confusion.

They for get the Divine will which first influenced them and are completely absorbed in the satisfaction afforded by their actions, and in the advantages and rewards they expect. And this when only small trials are to be overcome, such as subduing the feeble remnants of their own will, and annihilating some spiritual combat scupoli passions which revive and then completely regain their hearts.

Secret pride has seized upon these fanciful desires, mistaking the dream for the reality, and we rest in exalted notions of our own sanctity. When that is finished, propose another quarter hour, and the hour will elapse imperceptibly. Be convinced that the trouble that sometimes spiritual combat scupoli the commission of a fault is not so much a sorrow for having offended God, but is a fear of punishment.

Such scrutiny is an spiritual combat scupoli of the enemy, who under the deceiving appearance of an imaginary duty, attempts to renew the attack, or at least hopes to make some impression with the bad thoughts he spiritual combat scupoli poured into your mind. It is beyond all dispute that a willing co-operation with the graces of Ocmbat is the only way of escaping this delusion, together with the methods suggested in the preceding chapter.

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There reigns your Scjpoli, and from thence that Divine Majesty condescends to behold you, unworthy as you are. If this is impossible, one should kneel before a crucifix, xombat beseech the Queen of Heaven for compassion and assistance.

Can anything be more reasonable? When you see these thoughts present themselves and attempt to make an impression, recollect yourself and speak to Christ crucified saying: It frequently happens, moreover, that our anxieties arise from the trials of this life.

Here will arise the greatest struggle with our spiritual combat scupoli, constantly spiritual combat scupoli for its own pleasure.

The Spiritual Combat

Frances de Sales called it. Sabu Augustine rated it it was amazing Aug 06, This is one of my favorite books I’ve read.

You have offended Him and, despite this, He extends His hand to prevent another fall. You must know your dominant passion which must be singled out as your greatest enemy, the first to spiritual combat scupoli attacked. But if you find that you have been influenced so greatly that you are incapable of elevating your mind to God, and that even your will is affected, stop the evil there. Here is another means of estimating the attractiveness of created spiritual combat scupoli.

What you should keep in mind at this and all other times is the will of God. The important thing is not to rely on our own good works comvat spiritual combat scupoli, rather it is to rely on God with the same vigor that a baby relies on its parents for its basic needs.