Nicolaas ‘Siener’ van Rensburg from South Africa ( – ). (From the book Words of a Prophet by Adriaan Snyman ). World Prophecies. Visions of. Siener van Rensburg: Blaas Die Basuin [Adriaan Snyman] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the back cover: In hierdie nuwe boek. SIENER VAN RENSBURG BOEK EBOOK – Full Text of South African Best Seller ” Voice of a Prophet” by the Seer Van Rensburg Foreword by the English.

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For the first time after reading all the visions that had been written down, Mr.

In the case of the prophecies of Van Rensburg, the historical context and the way it is interpreted by Adriaan Snyman and a number of Afrikaans that I have spoken to the Ezra passage was used by Van Rensburg in a very racial and not only religious manner. I see numerous steam wagons approaching. The commando leaders discuss a blue document the treaties. Yet every day he saw in broad terms what was happening on the battlefield.

So is any system that seperates on the basis of skin colour or culture and not on the basis of wrong doctrine or false gospel. Only when this person had passed away, did he know the meaning of such a vision.

Ek ken ICT van verskeie kante af en kan gekwalifiseerd bevestig dat die merk van die dier in openbaring WEL ook die mikroskyfie insluit. The Middle East is going to go bang rensbugr, the dependence on oil is also going to be a big problem. Racism is racism and black Africans have siwner murdering each other for centuries before white people showed up and started building something of lasting value on this continent.

Siener van Rensburg

Also what is happening in north Africa was foreseen by Van Rensburg. She ssiener wearing a dirty napkin and then she sits down. I have only recently learnt of Meneer Siener and would like to know if there could possibly be any visions or interpretations of any of the content spoken of in this post.


He took the two brown horses and a dapple grey which Muller Rademeyer had looted the previous evening, returning with Captain Adam Boshoff, Commandant Schoeman de Wet and a certain Van Zyl, and two blue roans. Die nasionaliste rondom Siener was nie baie entoesiasties hieroor boei, maar Siener het hulle verseker dat die Nasionale Party teen alle verwagtinge in gaan wen.

The Kalahari sand lay before them. Die chip veroorsaak ook agressiewe fan kankers, net soos in Openbaring gestel. Filled with anxiety and sorrow, the Seer rejoined his commando. HE knows and it is sufficient — when He leads the way and we are following Him. But the old tree started to wither and die.

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He grabbed De la Rey and tried to lift him and then the beloved warrior whispered his last words: The letter contained news that the English had proposed a peace conference. Just a note on Oom Siener, in his live he never read anything but the Bible. Our order was to occupy the hillock to the left of the pan.

Louis, very good advice indeed. He also foresaw their release the sudden bright light and recognizing the building from the outside. We are using Him as a mascot and we wear our supposed faith like armor on the outside but are rotten within. It never occurred to him to show pride about his wonderful gift. The skin of a freshly-killed beast was used for this purpose. From the back cover: Van Rensburg interpreted his hallucinations as visions that were usually connected to the welfare of the Boere, the Netherlands and Germany.

The time of this destiny is on the horizon and like the sun at dawn, only a faint light is visible, but as the sun rises over and above the horizon, its light suddenly becomes bright and clear. Views Read Edit View history.


This is the beginning of the Third World War and everything will be in disorder and confusion will reign.

Marianne said this on December 1, at 7: According to Field-cornet Yeats, who was present, De la Rey meticulously planned the battle between himself and Methuen: They carry me through a watery marsh and on the opposite side is a house with a verandah on the northern side. From that time until his death, the Bible was the only book he ever read and he had no interest whatever to read anything else, sienet he believed other books or newspapers were worldly things and did not spiritually enhance a person.

No one can determine what boeek happen in the future!!! This was the main reason why there was such a strong bond between them until her death.


Filled with anxiety and sorrow, the Seer rejoined his commando. Prophecies from until his death in He started filling the shoes of a minister and many people were impressed by his vast Biblical knowledge. Sadly, at this late hour, we still have those opposing the Biblical requirement for being reborn and people want to proclaim Jesus but from their religious perspective only.

And the Lord has made both Jew and Gentile, one body and broken down the partician… the commandments… When I have read Rensburgs writings, translated into English I read some things that seem to contradict the gospel. The War of – is commonly referred to as the Anglo Boer War. Dear Annelize, the Lord in His wisdom puts us to various tests.