Buy Controversially Yours: An Autobiography by Shoaib Akhtar (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. 23 Sep Shoaib Akhtar stirred up a major controversy when he launched his autobiography — Controversially Yours — here on Friday. The Pakistan. 24 Sep Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram today ridiculed Shoaib Akhtar and his controversial autobiography, which has made several tall claims.

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He complains about never having had a proper mentor, but more likely it would not have been possible for even the most well-meaning mentor to get through to him.

Yes, Tendulkar was scared of Akhtar’s pace: Maybe he was trying to justify his extra ordinary naughty behaviour when in school and college? However where the book scores and is absorbing, if not riveting is when it comes to absolute and raw candor of the final 3 chapters. Controversy has always followed Shoaib Akthar both on and off the filed. Otherwise, you will be disappointed with the book just as you were with Shoaib Akhtar whom I expected to be one of the greatest fast bowlers the world has ever seen.

Aug 30, Tassavur rated it liked it. However, a strange thing happened in the dressing room just about then. D I thought that was a smart move adding something like that in the end, it neutralizes all the negativity Shoaib pointed towards when it came to Pak Dressing Room. While shoaib gives an account of the the major controversies in his career, at times it feel like he blames everyone but himself.

Return to Book Page. His career was dogged by injuries, scandals, run-ins with authorities Controversially Yours by Shoaib Akhtar is not the best-written sports autobiography but it is still a very enjoyable read. May 24, Saqib Ali rated it it was ok. In this, the narrator sounds every bit the Shoaib Akhtar we know from his public persona. His is also the inside story of Pakistan cricket, no holds barred: I can’t recall a series from his earlier playing days when he helped win matches.


And you know he is a good guy when he specifically mentions the names of his cook and driver in his book and thanks them for their support. I did not want people to think I was a non-serious cricketer-movie bhi kar raha hai, like Mohsin Khan.

Look it’s not even so much about how the book is written, because frankly, it isn’t all that great. This is a fast paced book by the world’s fastest bowler. This is why whenever he abused and scolded him due to his sick habits, Mrs.

Controversially Yours: An Autobiography

Then I met Lalit Modi, who had actively pursued me to join the ipl; he promised the heaven and earth if I did. I think he is was just a self-obsessed arrogant man as there is not a single loving sentence about d game or memorable on-field moments.

When nobody on the board controvesrially prepared to ease things for me, I called up Mubashar His account provides sharp insight into Pakistan cricket’s backroom ploys and validates a great deal of drawing-room chatter. The book provides an excellent glimpse of all the stuff that’s happened that has titled him trouble, the immaturity, the narcissism, the single point of perspective, the self-obsession, the ‘harmless mischief maker’ image in his head, and the behind-the-scenes politics that is the PCB.

Shoaib comes across as a for-ever-angry-young-man, aihtar although is a necessary state in the beginning when you are trying to make it but has to discarded when you have made it. This book truly shares details and opinions. I can guarantee that ten of those praying with the team were doing so because they were scared of being thrown out. I also forgive “Rawalpandi express” for his “SLIGHT” arrogance in the book because when you’re the fastest, the scariest bowler, you sort of deserve to be a little proud of yourself.

Younis Khan won us the T20 World Cup in and was repaid by being forced to face inquiries For me, Shoaib is one of the most intelligent fast bowlers ever.

Wasim won the toss and chose to bat. Shoaib Akhtar in full flow was a delight but this book is just rants. But the Indians, though they always have a great selection of talent, especially in the batting department, often play for themselves first and then for the team.


Shoaib reveals it all in ‘Controversially Yours’

When my teammates mockingly asked me how it would be my tournament, I told them that the very first ball that I bowled would be of such speed that the world would say the fastest bowler in the history of cricket had arrived. Shoaib openly admits to have done ball tampering and says that every fast bowler does it at some point of his career. Throughout his career, Shoaib Akthar has shoiab been a polarising figure. Look what happened to him. They are protected because they are national treasures in a country that has invested pride in them.

Review: Controversially Yours | Cricket | ESPNcricinfo

The and World Cups were unmitigated catastrophes for Akhtar, riddled with disciplinary scrapes that ranged from breaches of night curfew to drug abuse, from a rape charge to several indiscreet comments. Roza, namaz, tabliq were to be compulsory team events. Shall this be about the book, that how it precisely captured the subject ‘controversies’?

The very appearance of his book is a feat in itself: Shoaib Akhtar Shoaib Akhtar lets it rip. Is recommended only for Akhtar fans, rest will find it boring She assured us that she won’t die but she did and so as Pakistan lost against Bangladesh WC I am not just a fast bowler; I am a very smart bowler. To ask other readers questions about Controversially Yoursplease sign up.

He was cricket’s superbrat with an indescribable Punjabi-Irish accent and an insatiable appetite for adventure, his rollercoaster life making headlines for all the wrong reasons. It is tough to judge whether such inanities were written straight out of his heart or they were just publicity seeking lines to market the book because Sachin always Sells.