7 Apr Sethusamudram project, a misadventure. While both the Suez and Panama Canals have gigantic volumes of shipping, which makes them. 5 Jul A special purpose vehicle, Sethusamudram Corporation, has been set up with a debt-equity ratio of for the Rs bn project. Sethusamudram project Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. Sethusamudram project Blogs, Comments and.

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Times Travel Awards The awards that put you on top of the world. Decision to remove prosecutor not to shield cops, says Maharashtra government Uttar Pradesh: Moreover, the influx of fresh water from the India Ocean and the Bay of Bengal due to sethusanudram digging of the canal will actually bring in more fish sethusamudram project newer varieties of fish into sethsuamudram Palk Strait, Prouect Sethusamudram project and the Gulf of Mannar area. Retrieved 2 September Retrieved 16 October All the comments will be moderated by the newindianexpress.

Since the tsunami is a long sethusamudram project wave similar to tides and storm surges during the diffraction process, the rather wide turn it has to take spared the south Kerala coast. A land passage would have several advantages, such as avoiding shifting sandbanks and navigational hazards. This would provide a continuous navigable sea route in sethusamudram project around the Indian Peninsula.

Useful Notes on Sethusamudram Project

Swamy moved the top court to challenge the project on the basis of religious beliefs that Ram Sethu’ — believed to have been built by Lord Rama’s army to cross the Palk Strait into then Lanka — exists in the area and sought a sethusamudram project heritage status for it. Some naval hydrographers and experts suggest that the project is unlikely to be financially viable or serve ships in sethusamudram project significant way.


The project is expected to provide a boost to the economic and industrial development of coastal Tamil Nadu. The area is an important fishing ground for Tamil Nadu and the Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park is in the vicinity sethusamudram project the proposed project.

Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project

Going into pros and cons of sethusamudram project project, including rising sea level, extreme weather conditions, and the possibility of oil spills, the report said: There are international laws to be adhered to also.

Retrieved from ” https: Two channels will be created – one across Adam’s Bridge the chain of islets and shallows linking India with Sri Lankasouth-east of Pamban Island sethusamudram project another through the shallows of Palk Bay, deepening the Palk Straits.

Centre to Supreme Court 16 Sethusamudram project, Apart from economic and technical feasibilities, any project now will have to get clearance from pollution control agencies. Setgusamudram Join the smart city revolution.

Fisheries will not be affected. The North Sea is full of oilrigs and there has been no adverse impact of these sethusamudram project the Scandinavian countries or Great Britain, he says.

Useful Notes on Sethusamudram Project

Cisco Start The technology tailored to fit your small and medium-sized business. In the he revealed that the sethusxmudram aspects of the project have been looked into in-depth through over 30 studies. Current alignment is planned as Mid-ocean sethusamudram project which sethusamudram project unprecedented. Times Travel Awards The awards that put you on top of the world. Mid ocean Passage across Rama Setu.

After evaluating sethusamudram project costs and benefits, this committee found the project feasible and viable. Gallery Asian Games Most new ships weighing more than 60, tonnes and tankers weighing abovetonnes cannot use sethusamudram project canal.


He points out that increased shipping has never affected fishing even in the busiest seas in the world like the English Channel and sethusamudrram North Sea.

Retrieved 25 May On that date, the Centre had sought adjournment on Swamy’s application to seek an end to hearing in the matter after the government’s statement in Parliament that it was abandoning the project. Many of these parties or organizations sethusamudram project implementation of this project using one of the 5 alternative alignments considered earlier without damaging a structure considered sacred sethusamudram project Hindus.

ChennaiTamil Nadu, India.

Five alternative routes were considered that avoid damage to the shoals. Interestingly, the Centre on November sethusamudram project,had sought four sethusamudram project to spell out its stand on the controversial Sethusamudram project.

Even for small ships to pass through, the channel should be dredged setusamudram and recurring expenditure would be heavy she said, opposing the project.

The Indian government rejected the committee’s report and decided to go ahead with the project in its current form. Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project Tamil: Que Sera Sera for Sri Lanka”. The earlier United Progressive Alliance government had not accepted the Pachauri Committee’s report, saying sethusamudram project had gone beyond its terms of reference.

As sethusamudram project project finally becomes reality, concerns are mounting about what will happen to thepeople who depend on fishing in the waters where the canal will be dug.