Artificial Intelligence. Front Cover. Saroj Kaushik. Cengage Learning India Private Limited, Bibliographic information. QR code for Artificial Intelligence. UNITY. TEXT BOOKS: Introduction, History, Intelligent Systems, Foundations of Al Sub areas of. Saroj Kaushik. Artificial Intelligence. Cengage Learning. : Artificial Intelligence: This textbook Artificial Intelligence is designed to provide comprehensive material to undergraduate and graduate students.

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Artificial Intelligence

A large amount of effort has been put in to ensure that every concept discussed in the book is explained with the help of examples as far as possible. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 2.

In addition, some advanced topics such as machine learning, fuzzy logic, artificial neural network, evolutionary computing, advanced knowledge representation techniques, agent technology and natural language processing have been included in detail.

She has published more than 65 research papers in international and national journals and attended several conferences.


Each chapter in the book has been carefully developed with the sarij of several pedagogical features. Overview Features Table of Contents About the Author ‘This textbook Artificial Intelligence is designed to provide comprehensive material to undergraduate and graduate students on the vast and fast-growing subject of Artificial Intelligence.

Logic Concepts and Logic Programming 5.

The main topics covered in the book include intelligennce using intelligent searches and planning, knowledge representation techniques, game playing, first-order predicate logic and Prolog programming in logic programming language, uncertainty handling, expert systems.

Expert System and Applications 9.

Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic State-Space Search and Control Strategies 3. She has been teaching the course on AI to undergraduate and postgraduate students along with other computer science courses and has a teaching experience of more than three decades.

She has supervised many students at graduate and undergraduate M Tech and B Tech levels for their major projects and has also successfully guided Ph D students. Advanced Knowledge Representation Techniques Prolog Programming Language 6.

Artificial Intelligence – Saroj Kaushik – Google Books

Pseudo algorithms for various methods and techniques are included throughout the book to increase the comprehensibility of the topics and demonstrate their applications.


The book has been written keeping in mind the syllabi designed for courses on AI in various technical institutions and universities in India and abroad. Problem Reduction and Game Playing 4.

Artificial Neural Networks Introduction to Intelligent Agents The language Prolog has been used throughout the book to write programs for problems to be solved using AI techniques. The book can serve as a textbook for the first-level course for one full semester inteligence AI and will also provide study material to computer professionals who wish to expand their knowledge.