Learn about financial close in the world of SAP S/4HANA. Use the SAP Financial Closing Cockpit to prepare a global entity checklist, generate a task list. 14 Jan The Financial Closing Cockpit is an application that enables you to create a SAP BLOG Financial Closing Cockpit (FCLOCO) in S/4 HANA. CA Automic for SAP Financial Closing Cockpit coordinates external tasks, jobs and file transfers for a fast and reliable month-end close. Learn more about CA.

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Close the gap between your digital transformation strategy and execution with innovation discovery, digital strategy, and business transformation services from a trusted adviser that knows SAP software best. Occkpit based on best practices Leverage an intuitive, template-driven environment to standardize closing processes according to best practices. SLA Management Reports and dashboards that let you control the level of service delivered for closing tasks.

Follow step-by-step instructions for data migration and functional configuration. Finally, find out how closinng use SAP Fiori applications to analyze your data.

Transform your business with service support. Evolve your business with SAP Digital Business Services — your trusted adviser for digital transformation strategy and execution. Focus on your business and customer relationships, trusting that your data is safe and reliable. The term “Broadcom” refers to Broadcom Inc.

SAP Financial Closing cockpit. SAP Financial Closing cockpit Speed up even the most complex closing cycles, while meeting regulatory requirements and financial reporting standards.

Forecasting Forecasting task duration based on historical data or hypothetical scenarios. Learn about data privacy. The Financial Closing Cockpit is an application that enables you to create a structured interface for executing transactions and programs that form part of complex financiall, such as closing processes.

Track closing processes at every stage, including manual steps, transactions, programs, jobs, workflows, and remote tasks. Close Faster Reduce the time required for month-end closings.

CA Automic for SAP Financial Closing Cockpit

What is Financial Closing Cockpit? Many firms struggle with the financial closing cycle because of complex closing processes which often involve non-SAP processes that need to be executed on time and in the correct sequence. Trust that clksing products meet the latest compliance and security standards, thanks to external reviews and audits, as well as our use closjng one common framework worldwide. Accelerate the financial close process. Use simple configuration and powerful administrative tools to implement SAP Financial Closing cockpit quickly.


See how to prepare a global entity checklist, generate a task list, and run the close list; then monitor your entity close with a centralized status dashboard.

However, manual operations remain, and it is mandatory to automate and integrate those external processes into the SAP FCc. cllsing

CA Automic for SAP Financial Closing Cockpit – CA Technologies

Record all financial closing tasks, the history of these tasks, and who performed them. This E-Bite is chock-full of descriptions and screenshots of key functionality, from … More about the book. Read about additional benefits. Financial Closing Cockpit Usage Scenario When activities recur periodically When more than one person responsible is involved When the activities are performed within a process that has a fixed chronological sequence or is determined by dependencies When the activities need to be supported by a shared, uniform interface for all involved When the status of all periodic activities must be documented and made transparent and available for all parties involved When the closing tasks are documented for later checks The FCC allows all financial close stakeholders to set a manual status for a task, document whether the task has been checked, and manually confirm that a transaction has been performed.

SAP Financial Closing Cockpit | Accounting Close Process Management

Protect the rights of employees, applicants, customers, suppliers, partners, and others with SAP solutions that preserve data ownership, security, and financia. Preconfigured implementation processes Use simple configuration and powerful administrative tools to implement SAP Financial Closing cockpit quickly.

Learn about the new data structure that enables you to manage and monitor your fixed assets.

clozing Audit Trail Audit your month-end-closing process with all internal and external regulations. Stay Compliant Ensure all tasks that make up your closing process can be easily audited. E-book Print edition Bundle. If you continue using our site, you consent to the storing of cookies on your computer. With the financial closing finandial, you can increase user efficiency through centralized monitoring and control and enhanced automation.

Learn about our approach to product security. By automating this management and monitoring of closing processes across the enterprise, you achieve a fast and a reliable month-end close.

Secure critical business processes on your path to innovation and digital transformation with holistic, end-to-end service support that reflects over 40 coc,pit of unparalleled knowledge, experience, and innovation. Preview the migration project for moving your … More about the book.

Speed up even the most complex closing cycles, while meeting regulatory requirements and financial reporting standards. Previous Next Comprehensive monitoring of closing tasks Track closing processes at cokpit stage, including manual steps, transactions, programs, jobs, workflows, and saap tasks.


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Financial Closing Cockpit Software. CA Automic Workload Automation enables your organization to accelerate this financial closing process with efficiency, through FCc process automation, centralized monitoring and complete control.

Managed File Transfer Eliminate manual steps or extra tools to transfer file within your closing processes. Accelerate and streamline your accounting close processes. On-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment Intuitive user interface Automated closing cycle Template-driven processes.

Closing cycles also demand time-consuming manual tasks, such as journal entries, accruals and intercompany reconciliations. Our website uses cookies to facilitate a consistent shopping experience and to generate statistical reports. Financial Closing Cockpit Options Hierarchies to display the organizational objects involved in the closing process A task list template based on the organizational structure A detailed view of the characteristic values of the individual hierarchy levels used in the task list template Task lists that are derived from the task list template A list display in which all tasks to be managed or executed from the respective task list are made available for processing or for monitoring the progress of the task A monitor that provides an overview of the sequence of tasks and their status, dependencies, and critical paths in graphical form Detailed information for evaluating the technical settings of tasks and analysing background programs spool, job log information Dependencies for displaying the conditions that are prerequisite to processing individual tasks.

Help task owners collaborate effectively using an intuitive cockpit interface.

View capabilities and use cases. The structural layout supports processes within an organizational structure, such as a company code, as well as scenarios affecting multiple organizational structures.

Take advantage of recent innovations Learn about new features delivered in the latest release of SAP Financial Closing cockpit.

Financiap into master data, actual value flow, and data enrichment; then configure your new system with step-by-step instructions and screenshots.