Even though everyone is talking about it, there is no concept in business today more muddled than ‘strategy’. Richard Rumelt, described by McKinsey Quarterly . Citation: Richard P. Rumelt, () “Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: The The role of CSR in business strategy: Maintaining competitive advantage with a. This summer, Richard Rumelt authored a book called “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters.” As you might expect the title alone.

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Our Two Cents on “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy”

Rifhard not actually forced to do so, organisations tend to avoid the difficult decisions and prioritisations involved in forming and implementing an actual strategy, instead accommodating conflicting interests within a general list of organisational aims. This is a solid and fundamental book for anyone who wants to understand the basics of corporate strategy. I liked the cases he presented to get his points across, though I think that for some he got a bit too into strateg and made them very difficult to keep up – I had to stop and google people and events.

An older volume, Melvyn P. This is, overall, an excellent book on strategy.

I had a lot to learn from rumelg book, out of which I think the most important thing that stuck was to eliminate the fluff. Good Strategy Bad Strategy is a treatise on clear thinking. He defines the thesis in a section that criticizes The Power of Positive Thinking.

From the author’s forty years experience as a research, teacher at UCLA and as a consultant, he brings on nuggets strateggy wisdom on ways to formulating good strategies and staying away from bad ones. Leffler and Jeffrey W. Is your strategy a mix of slogans and goals, or a set of objectives that offer solutions to key problems? I liked the insider take on the agricultural firm that makes Pom.


The examples of bad strategies were eye-opening, and sadly all too common in the corporate world, or the public service. Too many strategy books delve into esoteric subjects and forget that a strategy is really about action. The kernel of a strategy contains three elements:. A lot of damage and confusion could be prevented if everybody was forced to read this book before they ever Maybe this is advanced as far as strategy books go but it struck me as a really good introduction to strategy somewhat halfway to stratfgy theory.

Every once in a while a book comes along that changes how you perform one aspect of your life. Rumelt does not abide vapid fluff. Good strategies work by harnessing and applying power where it will have the greatest effect for facing big challenges.

Rumelt states that there are three key elements that make up good strategy:. Jul 25, Blundell rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well put together, though, and pithy. The remaining two sections, whilst interesting and containing useful ideas, are less vital. The section on Nvidia is strong. Become a member Sign in Get started. May 27, Cindy Brandt rated it it rumeltt ok. Is that too much to ask for?

Having been a strategy consultant for some years, I see this book captures the daily-applied framework when tackling a client’s business problem, and identifies some key common traits of a successful strategy from a less-so one. Readers will interact with the material in different ways.

Recent Developments: Our Take on Richard Rumelt’s “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy”

The guiding policy is the overall approach chosen to cope with or overcome the obstacles identified. Rumelt cuts through the clutter and reminds managers that the essence of strategy is a clear and differentiated point of view that supports forceful and coherent action. We recommend you look into this new book strwtegy it is released on July 19th, and let us know what you think by dropping us a line.


I have been through the labor of several strategy exercises and I have seen more only after the delivery. For the most part the praise is well deserved. Just as important as being able to formulate good strategy is the ability to detect bad strategy. Is this going to stragegy yet another strategy had, with lots of buzz words but little tangible content!?

A good strategy that cannot be executed i. Unfortunately, in Part II, he loses focus and rambles with business case after case. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What is the critical test of Rumelt’s blah-blah to distinguish it from everyone else’s mumbo-jumbo? A book like this can only be written with many years of research and deep thought on the practice of strategy. It is the battle plan for action that is designed upon a unique set of attributes or conditions kernels that sets an organization apart from its competitors leverages and results in exceptional and sustainable profits.

Without this hard core and the difficult work required by it, aims and visions however remain fluff. People do amazing things with common tools.