RFC was published in April, It is a standards-track document and is currently in the “Proposed Standard” state. Current standards status of this. The Session Description Protocol (SDP) is a format for describing streaming media communications parameters. The IETF published the original specification as an IETF Proposed Standard in April , and subsequently published a revised specification as an IETF Proposed Standard as RFC in July . ” SDP: Session Description Protocol (RFC )”. [5]. IETF/RFC (): “SDP: Session Description Protocol”. [6]. IETF/RFC (): “Security Architecture for the Internet Protocol”. [7]. IETF/RFC

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Relationship with other existing or emerging documents:.

Other for any rfc 2327 information:. Views Read Edit View history. Session Description Protocol, April Current information, if any, about IPR issues:. Any explicit references within that referenced document should also be listed:.

Information on RFC ยป RFC Editor

New attributes are added to the standard occasionally through registration with IANA. Thus an hour meeting from 10am UTC on 1 Augustwith a single repeat time a week later at the same time can be rfc 2327 as:. rfc 2327

Five amendments and rfx technical corrigendum have been published up to now. SDP is designed to be extensible to support new media types and formats. This session is specified to last for two hours using NTP timestamps, with a connection address which indicates the address clients must connect to 23227 – when a multicast address is provided, as it is here rfc 2327 subscribe to specified as IPv4 When repeat times are specified, the start time of each repetition may need to be adjusted so that it will occur at the same rfc 2327 time rfc 2327 a specific timezone throughout the period between the start time and the stop time which are still specified in NTP format in rfc 2327 absolute UTC timezone.


This page was last edited on 12 Mayat Current rfc 2327 status of this document can be found at ftp: The SDP specification does not incorporate any transport protocol; it is purely a format for session description.

RFC – SDP: Session Description Protocol

Implementations are allowed to relax this rfv omit the carriage return and supply only the line feed. SDP uses attributes to extend the core protocol. RFC is a basic rfc 2327 of the basic suite of internet protocols and standards and rfc 2327 widely used by the internet community.

The degree of stability or maturity of the document:. Committed to connecting the world. Dfc are typically a UTF-8 encoding. Recipients of rfc 2327 session description are instructed to only receive media. SDP is intended for describing multimedia sessions for the rfc 2327 of session announcement, session invitation, and other forms of multimedia session initiation.

ITU-T work programme

The degree of stability or maturity of the document: RFC was published in April, Justification for the specific reference: RTCP ports for the audio and video streams of andrespectively, are implied. Session Description Protocol, April 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Architecture rfc 2327 Basic Multilingual Plane.

Other useful information describing the “Quality” of the document: In both cases, each textual field in the protocol which are not interpreted symbolically by the protocol itself, will be interpreted as opaque strings, but rendered to the user or rfc 2327 with the values indicated in rfc 2327 last occurrence of the charset and sdplang in the current Media section, or otherwise their last value in the Session section.


Other for any supplementary information: All RFCs always remain available on-line. This session is originated by the user ‘jdoe’, at IPv4 address Below is a sample session description from RFC A session is described by a series of fields, one per line.

Rfc 2327 Contact Us Accessibility.

All these offsets are relative to the start time, they are not cumulative. Rfc 2327 of specifying this timezone and having rfc 2327 support a rfc 2327 of timezones for knowing when and where daylight adjustments rfcc be needed, the repeat times are assumed to be all defined within the same timezone, and SDP supports the indication of NTP absolute times when a daylight offset expressed in seconds or using a type time will need to be applied to the repeated start time or end time falling at or after each daylight adjustment.

Note also that sessions may be repeated irregularly over a week but scheduled the same way for all weeks in the period, by adding more tuples in the r parameter.

If the stop time rfc 2327 0 then the session is “unbounded. This RFC has been in existence since April Other useful information describing the “Quality” of the document:.

SDP: Session Description Protocol

By rfc 2327 this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For example, if a daylight adjustment will subtract 23227 hour on 31 October at 03am UTC i. Webarchive template wayback links All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Pages using RFC magic rfc 2327.