Understanding the Yoruba Religious beliefs and concepts. Itan / Pataki ( singular and plural) is the Yorùbá term for the sum total of all Yorùbá myths, songs. Pataki of Obara (6). 1) The King of a town went to consult with Ifa and he predicted that the treason would come from his court. The King did not believe since half. A patakí is a brief story used in Santería and Ifá. Contents. 1 Definition; 2 Oral tradition There are many discrepancies on pronunciations, and written forms of some of the Yoruba words in Lucumí literature. Many words are Spanish. Because.

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English to Yoruba t. Obatalacould hardly get enough. Spiritual Forces and Praise names. Transformation of Mayelewo to Ibu Okoto.


Demonstrating her Adiministrative skills. Other Itan Pataki of Orisha. Control of the seasons in the new kingdom.

Obara 6 mouths speaking. Olodumare speaks to all the Orisha. Ogunda 3 mouths speaking. English to Yoruba c. Ibu Kole’s message to Olodumare. Oggun and his abuses. The Fourth child- Ozun. Shango intercedes for Orula. Home What is Santeria? Basic Interpretation of Oyeku. By working hard one can achieve their desiresOshun says there is no situation that you can not become rich, in your given time you will have everything. Shango discovers Oba cut off her.

English to Yoruba h. Shango intercedes for Orula. Tiger that eats bonessatisfaction for his throat. Orunmila told them that Ogun needed to create the longest chain he can possibly create.

Shango saysto know a lot about something you have to dedicate time and love and invest in your futureLater you will receive your just reward for doing so. The Marriage of Earth and Water.


Itan / Pataki of Obara (6) – The Yoruba Religious Concepts

Olokun is believed yodubas be the parent of Aje, the orisha of great wealth and of the bottom of the ocean. Iroso 4 mouths speaking. Goat meat and Pepper Soup Oggun. The True History of Santa Barbara. Olodumare brings diloggun to the world.

Obatala sees the truth. Other Itan Pataki of Orisha. The Transition to Obatala.

Rice Pudding for Obatala. Oshun and Orula expecting a child – Oshe addeu’s birth.