9 Jun Anyone know where I can find the instructions for tear down and doing PM’s on it ? Seems Manual) that is the manual for the M stove. 26 Aug Technical Manual – STOVE, COOKING, GASOLINE, M ONE BURNER. From the Collection of 4th/19th Prince of Wales’s Light Horse. I picked up an M (Rogers ) stove today with a cap full of spare parts ( springs, jets, handles) but I don’t really know how to run it.

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These were also made well into the s by a number of companies. Great stoves to stovw on and use! A couple are new in the box.

On Olive Drab tanks there is one gold label and one red label. Moderator Tools Show Printable Version. OK M1950 stove manual figure this would be a good place to ask about this.

Don’t know if he still has any or not, but these are great for camping or hiking. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Information posted on this forum is not reviewed for accuracy and may not be reliable, use at your own risk. The PIP is m1950 stove manual third piece from the left. It’s part number 5 on page of the manual. I have worked on dual burner Coleman stoves, but never the M Failed filename Manula photo file type.


M stove – Instructions? – ETS Forums

Hope that helps some. If anybody gets a catolog from Coleman’s Surplus, he was still selling these as surplus as m1950 stove manual as last Christmas. Not multi-fuel any more than a silver tank Coleman stove today is.

Previous Topic Next Sove. IF yours seeps fuel at the shaft, then tighten it only until the m1950 stove manual stops. Any advice on maint? Is the “pip” part 17 on the exploded diagram?

World War Two ended in and production stopped. At first I thought you were refering to the Chevy sedan my father owned. Dear Fellow Members-Just won a pristine M stove that was owned by a Rogers employee and m1950 stove manual used!

The check valve is at the bottom of the pump and unscrews from the pump. It appears that all the spare parts I would need to get it going are in the pump tube itself.

m1950 stove manual

Someday I’ll run across m1950 stove manual shinier one. I ordered the parts Friday afternoon west coast and they were here this morning east coast. Graphite packing goes around the valve shaft.



Thanks for posting the pic and the info. A friend asked me to check his M m1950 stove manual manufactured Have some of the manuals also.

Some information I found:. Picked up a couple of M’s with Korea war dates just to cover all the bases in my collection.

M1950 Stove

Almost forgot, but where is the spare generator holder located? Some of the cases were stamped with the Medical Department caduceus flanked by stovee letters US. To make the tank m1950 stove manual a spare fuel tank I needed to fabricate a m1950 stove manual to replace the valve assembly and a custom fuel cap.

Once you rebuild the seals, the stove is a great runner.