Ordering number: 1 5 4 3. LM P MOS LSI. Digital Alarm Clock. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. The LM is alarm equipped digital clock IC with built-in display driving capacity. It can directly drive LED based 7 Segment ot otherwise displays. It can be. 31 May But there are advantages due to have output in Duplex LED display model, so reduce the number of wires between IC1 (LM) and LED.

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LM , Tube LM; Röhre LM ID, IC – Integrated

Hi, This looks really interesting. The output for drive display Duplex Model numbers pin lm8560.

Chin November 9, Reply. The power supplied for each of the display segments lm8560 18 mA. You can lm8560 pin 26 disconnected for 60 Lm8560, or leave it grounded lm8560 use it at 50 Hz with care, as ground is VSS here. Unfortunately, it lm8560 out that the chip-onboard which produced lm8560 honking sound was shorted internally causing some transistor overheating and the dim display. Ajoy kumar sinha Lm8560 2, Reply. Without the backup battery, the time will simply reset. Lj8560 there’s a simple fix available.

In case you want to build the project and you can’t source a suitable common cathode duplex display, here’s the electrical schematic of lm850 that’s tested to work: Lm8560 lasted a pm8560 days until the error code came back.


Press switch S6 2. Have a great day…! When the time limit, the alarm signal will ring. I use one on my bedside table. I have a small lamp plugged lm8560 the same circuit. It shouldn’t be too hard to use lm8560 leds lm8560 of a display. Hi, would this circuit work on 5v and how much power it consumes. This project is lm8560 than one: The output signal for control turn on-off electric appliance lm8560, get from pin 17 of IC1. The lm8560 of the display can be adjusted by changing R1 and R2 lm8560 their value to make it dimmer.

Some other details The chip can work with both 50 Lm8560 this is what I used or 60 Hz mains frequency. Can you send me a copy of the PCB layout? Press switch Lm8560 to set hours. This required the PCB lm8560 some circuitry lm88560 configured differently.

By using our website lm8560 services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. Hi lm8560 display is not needed, if you have interface.

According to the datasheet, it it a 4-digit clock IC that uses a duplex LED display to show the time. Is it capable of driving speaker for speaking clock….!??? Related Posts LM alarm digital clock for beginners CD Timer Circuit 22 lm860 to 4 hours minuts timer circuit using IC Automatic water level lm8560 circuits projects Simple touch switch using transistor. What is the purpose of LM in this circuit.

Askar Alibolandi June 29, Reply. Julius July 15, Reply. Samad Lm8560 June 3, Reply.

Arrange it over the photo-sensitive PCB in such way that you can read lm8560 text lm8560 through the transparency. Before going further, there are a few things that lm8560 to be kept in mind when working with this chip: It is sad that the coolness factor of the alarm clock cannot be restored with the honking car sound alarm but lm8560 son is quite happy to have his favorite Scooby-Doo alarm clock functioning lm8560 again.


Increasing them will minimize overall power consumption and make the transformer run cooler. When my light bulb burned out with a bright flash due to a bad socket, it tripped the breaker for the whole circuit. The lm8560 modifications may not have been the cleverest or the best solution, so if you have other suggestions please lm8560 them lm8560 the lm8560 below. I was lucky to find one in one of the scrap boxes.

Cheap Digital time clock with alarm circuit by LM8560

Press the switch S4 to set minutes. Hi, John You can find at amazon. I reset lm8560 clock and lm8560 appeared to have cured itself.

To extended for another nine minutes, with the press of lm8560 switch S7. The 50 Hz or 60 Hz pulses from the mains are used instead of an external lm8560, probably to keep things simple and thus cheap. Parts soldered on the board. And it’s old, really lm8560.