LMT/NOPB Texas Instruments Audio Amplifiers Overture Audio Pwr Amp Series Dual 40W datasheet, inventory, & pricing. LMT Texas Instruments Audio Amplifiers datasheet, inventory, & pricing. LMT LM – Overture Audio Power Amplifier Series Dual Watt Audio Power Amplifier With Mute, Package: to , Pin Nb=15 LM OvertureTM.

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Single Supply Amplifier Application Circuit. Upon system power-up, the under-voltage protection cir. Equation 1 exemplifies the theoretical maximum power dis- sipation point of each amplifier where V CC is the total supply voltage. Special Audio Amplifier Application Circuit 5 www. Datashedt into account supply line fluc.

SPiKe Protection means that these parts are safeguarded at the output against overvoltage, un- dervoltage, overloads, including thermal runaway and in- stantaneous temperature peaks. The LM is protected from instantaneous peak. SPiKe Protection means that these. Refer to the graphs of Power Dissipation versus. The LM contains over-voltage protection circuitry that.

National Semiconductor – datasheet pdf

The LM is a stereo audio amplifier capable of delivering. SPiKe Protection Circuitry is not enabled. Thus by knowing the total supply voltage and rated output load, the maximum power dissipation point can be calcu- lated.


dataseet Numbers in parentheses represent pinout for amplifier B. Since the die temperature is directly dependent upon the. Thus by knowing the total supply voltage and rated output. The choice of a heat sink for a high-power audio amplifier is. Operating graph in the Typical Performance Characteris.

Texas Instruments/TI LMT/NOPB – PDF Datasheet – Audio Power OpAmps In Stock |

Output Power in the Typical Performance Characteristics. An incorrect maximum power dissipation calculation may result in inad- equate heat sinking causing thermal shutdown and thus lim- iting the output power.

Single Supply Application Circuit. Upon turn-off, the output of the LM is brought to ground be- fore the power supplies such that no transients occur at power-down. Auxiliary Amplifier Application Circuit. Power dissipation within the integrated circuit package is a. These instabilities can be eliminated through multiple. Since convection heat flow power dissipation is analogous to current flow, thermal resistance is analogous to electrical resistance, and tem- perature drops are analogous to voltage drops, the power dissipation out of the LM is equal to the following: The clamping effect is quite the same, however, the output transistors are designed to work alter- nately by sinking large current spikes.


The thermal resistance from the die junction to the outside.

Overture Audio Power Amplifier Series Dual 40-Watt Audio Power Amplifier With Mute

The package dissipation is twice the number which re- sults from Equation 1 since there are two amplifiers in each LM Equation 1 exemplifies the theoretical maximum power dis. The clamping effect is quite the same.

Refer to the graphs of Power Dissipation versus Output Power in the Typical Performance Characteristics section which show the actual full range of power dissipation not just the maximum theoretical point that results from Equation 1.

Each amplifier within the LM has an independent. Taking into account supply line fluc- tuations, it is a good idea to pull out 1 mA dxtasheet mute pin or 2 mA total if both pins are tied together. The LM has a sophisticated thermal protection scheme. LM should have its supply leads bypassed with. Using the best heat sink possible within the cost and. Once the maximum package power dissipation has been.