MAN VISIBLE AND. INVISIBLE. EXAMPLES OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEN AS. SEEN BY MEANS OF TRAINED CLAIRVOYANCE. BY. C. W. LEADBEATER. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. By C. W. Leadbeater. Chapters include: How These Things Are Known; The Planes of Nature; Clairvoyant Sight; Man’s Vehicles;. Man, Visible and Invisible has 50 ratings and 3 reviews. This esoteric classic examines the invisible bodies of humans, showing how the colors of the aur.

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But they do distinctly imply that the man of whom they are expressions is a seeker after the higher truth, one who has risen above mere earthly aims, and is living for an ideal. Not only is he a danger to his fellows, but he is in appalling danger to himself.

To aid us the better to comprehend this, let us turn to Plate IV. In its earlier development a bright apple-green seems always to accompany strong vitality. Every one of them is more refined and delicate, for all thought of self has vanished from them; and in addition has appeared the pure violet with the golden stars, which betokens the acquisition jnvisible new and greater qualities. Yet the living force is nevertheless there, even when it is most strictly confined in the lowest of its forms.

Man, Visible and Invisible by Charles W. Leadbeater

Very gradually he learns that there is a higher evolution and that the strong shell of selfishness which was necessary for the formation of a powerful centre becomes a hindrance to the growth of that centre after it has once been formed, and so must be broken up and thrown aside, just as scaffolding must be removed when the building is finished, though it was necessary during its erection.

From this mental body we are therefore able to deduce what kind of man he is, and what sort of use he has made of his life so far in this incarnation. Each of these is in reality a thought-form of intense affection, generated within the astral body, and about to be poured forth from it towards the object of the feeling. All known colors, and many which are at present unknown to us, exist upon each of these higher planes of nature; but as we rise from one stage to another, we find them ever more delicate and more luminous, so that they might be described as higher octaves of color.

Thus none can come within the range of his influence without being the better mn it he shines upon all around him like the sun, for, like it, he has become a manifestation of the Logos. Open Preview See a Problem? Nitin Sonawane rated it visiblw was amazing Jan 20, If through us the divine light shines out more brightly, it is only in order that we may share that light with him; if we have gained a higher step upon the ladder, it is only that we may stretch out a helping hand to him.


Yet there are only too many who yield themselves to these feelings, and allow the fog of despair to close round them until all the world looks black; ihvisible realizing that in doing so they are not only seriously delaying their own evolution and losing manifold opportunities, but are also causing unnecessary suffering and injury to all those near to them.

A ledbeater may have only a few bars of depression, and even they may be but transient; or in slighter and less persistent cases, the heavy cloud may hardly have time to arrange itself in lines at all.

Man Visible And Invisible

And he also is strongly disposed to hint that those who see a little more than he does must really be drawing upon their imagination for their alleged facts. The tinge of love or fear, of deceit or of pride, may mingle with the hue of religion, and thus there is a wide range of variation observable. The Causal Body of the Adept. As He shows Himself to us in His work the Solar Logos is undoubtedly triple – three and yet one, a religion has long ago told us.

These spots gradually fade away, but their places are taken by others, for the irritable man is never at a loss for subjects of annoyance. The very small proportion of yellow tells us that he has very little intelligence to direct his devotion into reasonable channels, or to save him from degenerating into senseless bigotry.

Man visible and invisible,, by C. W. Leadbeater | The Online Books Page

Previous to this movement we have in existence nothing but the atomic state of matter in each of the planes of nature, none of the aggregations or combinations which make up the lower sub-planes of each having yet been formed. Certain coils or vortices of vivid color are to be seen, well-defined and solid-looking, and glowing with an intense light from within. THERE is one other point to be mentioned in connection with our illustrations generally, before we take them up one by one for separate consideration.

This is for the time a dominant characteristic; and the whole astral body glows with its light.

Man, Visible and Invisible

Even these, however, are found to be units only from the point of view of our physical plane; that is to say, there are methods by which even they can be subdivided, but when they are so broken up they give us matter belonging to a different realm of nature. Such a man during life has a dim consciousness in his astral body while asleep, and after death he is very fully conscious and active on the lower astral sub planes. Examining the mental body of the ordinary man as pictured in Plate IX we find that it already shows considerable improvement over that of the undeveloped man.


It will be noticed also that there is a small point of red, showing that a certain amount of consciousness is already working through astral matter – that is to say, that a certain amount of desire is already manifesting itself. The bits I think I understand has brought immense clarity though. In just the same way the group-souls of the animal kingdom are constantly throwing parts of themselves into incarnation, like the temporary waves on the surface of the sea, and the process of differentiation continues until at last a time comes when one of these waves rises high enough to enable the hovering cloud to effect a junction with it, and it is then drawn up into a new existence neither in the cloud nor in the sea, but between the two and partaking of the nature of both.

HITHERTO we have been dealing exclusively with those bodies of man which are connected with the higher planes, but our subject would not be completely treated if we omitted all reference to the minutely subdivided physical matter which is seen by clairvoyant sight to be part of the aura of man.

Thus the color which expresses a certain quality in the causal body will express it also in the mind body and even in the astral body, but the color will be less delicate, less luminous and ethereal as we descend.

Indeed, it is by means of our knowledge of these likes and dislikes of the various elements that we obtain various gases when we want them. This is on the whole a very fine mental body, already andd developed, and having within it every promise of rapid progress along the Path, when the time for that shall come. The evil meets him again and again on his successive descents into incarnation, until he has vanquished it, and finally rooted out from his vehicles all tendency to respond to it-until, in fact, he is no longer liable to be swept away by any passion leadbeatter desire, but has learnt to rule himself from within.