For complete information about enabling the services gateway to forward traffic, including examples, see the appropriate Junos OS configuration guides. 12 Dec write a short article for beginners to quickly configure an SRX firewall. When you login to a Junos device, you might also see the prompt. All information provided in this guide is provided “as is,” with all faults, and without warranty of any kind, SRX Series Configuration Using Junos Automation. . Attach the redirecting firewall-filter to the physical interface attached to the User.

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To better understand the address book concept on SRX, you can take a look at my other post about address books once you finish this post. Here, we first start by deleting already existing policies to make sure no other policies exist.

Performing Initial Software Configuration on the SRX240 Services Gateway Using the CLI

You can type show command to view the configuration for Trust-Zone till now. In this way you can configure firewall rule in Juniper SRX firewall.

So we have to cnofiguration in, [edit security policies from zone Untrust-Zone to-zone Trust-Zone] hierarchy. After these juniper srx firewall configuration guide your internal clients whose gateway is Since the traffic is coming from Untrust-Zone we need to match any source-addres and destination-address of MailServer then specify the condition.


Excellent article for beginners like me. First a bit of information for the SRX novice. Bipin enjoys writing articles and tutorials related to Network technologies.

To match source and destination IP address in the juniper srx firewall configuration guide rule we need to create configuraiton address book. What do you think about the web interface configuration?

We want users from Internet to be able to access the Mail Server. I have to do the basic setup for the production environment with DMZ etc.

Configure Firewall Rule in Juniper SRX

Would you please enlighten on that? Similarly, you can create firewall rule to pass any traffic from Trust-Zone to Untrust-Zone. Hello Kenneth, I think the srx has the capability to also act as a switch beside the routing. As SRX is running Juniper srx firewall configuration guide, it has two modes. Once we commit the changes, we should see the new hostname srx in the prompt. Is there a need to assign vlan configuation juniper srx firewall configuration guide internal interface?

If you want to configure a security policy you must create an address book entry for the network ranges you would like to use.


We have a Mail Server hosted in the internal network or the trust-zone. We can see the address book and interface at this zone in screenshot shown below. I dont seem to understand the nat process. What does this mean? Having just downloaded vSRX this provides a nice place to start.

The following two tabs change content below. Your answer is in this forum Nikhi.

Configure Firewall Rule in Juniper SRX

A security policy is created within a context. Our topology in this tutorial is below; We will configure the followings from scratch: Address book configuration has evolved over several releases. Make sure it is on the same subnet with the srx.

configuratiion I tried connecting a cisco switch to the srx internal interface, client connected to the switch could not ping to the juniper srx firewall configuration guide internal interface but able to ping if I connect client directly to srx internal interface.

We need to create address book of Mail Server that we have in the Trusted-Zone. We will configure the followings from scratch:.