Little Red Book of Selling has ratings and reviews. Gil said: I was so I disliked Jeffrey Gitomer’s book Principles of Sales Greatness. The content. Jeffrey Gitomer is a professional speaker, sales management expert, and widely- known best-selling author. The Little Red Book of Selling . LITTLE RED BOOK OF SELLING. Principle of Sales Greatness. Jeffrey Gitomer. Bard Press, , pp., ISBN

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Gitomer is probably one of the best sale people AND motivational leaders writing books today. I continue to add to my collection with other books of his as well.

Little Red Book of Selling: Principles of Sales Greatness by Jeffrey Gitomer

Here are three of his principles that resonated with me: Here are three of his principles that resonated with me:. Using your sense of selling 6 positive Sales senses: I believe my sales rep. I do feel that I will keep it on my shelf and pick up from time to time for years to come.

Bard Press,pp. Gitomer places the importance of questioning in this theory as he believes they set the tone for sales.

Reduce their risk and you’ll convert selling to buying Know the risks to your customers and find ways to reduce or eliminate them.

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Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Overall Review Do I recommend this book Hell yeah! This program is aptly named Know Success because you can’t know success until you know yourself. Resign your position as general manager of the universe.


You can subscribe at www. Good strategies giitomer anyone selling anything be it product or service.

3 Sales Lessons from The Little Red Book of Selling – Coracle Marketing

Comedy can be tricky, but making people laugh is the quickest way to create an atmosphere of trust and goodwill. Jul 03, Kevin rated it it was amazing.

Book that can serve as a gift to anyone Two things about the binding. Each candidate must demonstrate mastery in seven categories: Good questions engage customers.

Dec 11, Brandi rated it it was jjeffrey. And the only way to push the excuses aside and not get caught in the blame game is to take ownership of the situation and not allow YOU to fail.

3 Sales Lessons from The Little Red Book of Selling

If you want to be good, you can follow a proven formula. From the red cloth cover to the small trim size to the amusing but not cloying cartoons on almost every page, this is an appealing and accessible book.

And they come to you because they know YOU. What’s the difference between failure and success? First, Gitomer included a built in ribbon jeffrey which I adore. Before you meet with a prospect, do your homework.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. What’s your biggest fear? This book has no ending.

I love Jeffrey’s short and to the point style. I am comfortable with rwd sales rep. The price difference represents a better understanding of what our customers value. Are You Scared Riskless? But there are all kinds of risks a buyer can face. Skip to search Skip to main content. The third principle is about personal branding in sales. I highly recommend it for all salespeople, sales managers, and the back of the toilet in every sales office except for my competitors, none of them should ever read this book!


Still, when I got around the presentation and into the meat of the material, I found there was a tremendous amount of value in the book. His state-of-the-art presence on the web and e-commerce ability has set the standard among peers, and has won huge praise and acceptance from his customers. Keep your eyes on the prize. The world’s first customized sales assessment, renamed a “successment,” will not only judge your selling skill level in 12 critical areas of sales knowledge, it will give you a diagnostic report that includes 50 mini sales lessons.

You know, you’ve probably heard all of this before, however, if you’re a life long learner like me, you seek to relearn and enforce concepts from a variety of sources. Like most books in this category there is not much new here, but Gitomer even says up front that he is not presenting anything new, just his straightforward take on the advice that is already out there.

Gitomer’s advice is very good but his delivery leaves much to be desired. Dec 13, Rihab Harmessi rated it it was amazing.