forum języka angielskiego: Hi:) I am confused about the inversion. There are 5 exapmles She didn’t really realize what was about to happen. (Z inwersją). The team has seldom given a worse performance. (Bez inwersji). Seldom has the team given a worse performance. (Z inwersją). Stylistic Inversion – inwersja stylistyczna. Used in: 1) formal Inwersja w częsci nadrzędnej. PRZYKŁADY: Linki – portale o języku angielskim.

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Who will help me to unpack my bag? Choose the correct answer a-c. How many books did you read last year? Why are you so angry? Which way should we go? How long have you been waiting for Rachel? Not until my Mum phoned me, … about her illness.

Complete the following sentences using the information given in the brackets. Little … about her before they got married. If I had studied harder, I would have passed all my exams. Never … such a stupid explanation. How much time do you need to finish your homework?


Hardly … to school, when there was a fire drill. Why must you leave so angileski


How long have you been learning English? What time is he arriving?

We met Susan at the station. How much is this ring? If I could go to the disco, I would be the happiest girl in the world. How far did we walk yesterday? I, realize Hardly… the house, when he heard the telephone ringing inside. Anglelski does your sister look like?

How often do you go to the cinema? Transform the following sentences in order to omit if.

Michael, manage Only after looking at her face… that something horrible had happened. How does he spend the weekends? W pytaniach o wiek: Which cities have you visited? Which colour do you prefer — red, angielskk or black?

How does Mike speak English?

Inversion – Inwersja

Ile kosztuje przelot do Chicago? Who did we meet at the station?

How many friends have you got? Where did you spend four weeks? Where can we stay? How many people were at the meeting? A very interesting woman.


Pytania szczegółowe (Wh-questions)

When is Ann coming to Berlin? How far is it to the city centre? How many brothers have you got? How often do you wash your clothes? What kind of books do you like? So … that he could not stop looking at her.

How long did the meeting last? What kind of person should carry out these tasks? How many times did you visit Europe last year?

I spent four weeks in London. How much coffee do you drink? Because I have worked too much lately. Kiedy Anna przyjedzie do Berlina? Only after looking at his face, … that she had known him before. Only … to enter the club.