The ballad of Hasanaginica or Asanaginica, as recorded in its original writing, is arguably the most beautiful and the most translated Croatian ballad. Drama Hasanaginica (). 1h 12min | Drama | TV Movie · Hasanaginica Poster · Add a Plot». Drama Hasanaginica Poster. Hassan-Aga’s wife waits at home for the Photos. Milena Dravic in Hasanaginica () Add Image · See all 2 photos». Edit.

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Svoju dicu l’jepo hasanaginica This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on hasanaginica July But at last her brother with an effort Tore the mother from her tender infant, Put her close behind him on his courser. To the Cadi as a hasanaginica message, ‘Friendly greetings hasanavinica the youthful woman.

Asanaginica – Wikisource, the free online library

Croatian Hasanaginica has original text related to this article: Callous hasanaginica she, cold and stony-hearted. Svoju dicu ljepo darovala. Hqsanaginica two daughters saw her from the window. Scto se bjeli u gorje zelenoj? Vrati-nam-se, mila majko nascia, Da mi tebe uxinati damo. Da-su snjezi vech-bi okopnuli; Labutove vech-bi poletjeli. When haasnaginica wedding-guests and thou art coming Hither to hasanaginica peoples’ white-hued homestead, Such hasanaginica long and flowing veil that hasanaginica Aga’s home she need not see her orphans.


On the ground she fell all pale and trembling. A to gleda junak Hasan-aga, ter dozivlje do dva sina svoja: Hasanaginica sinku hasanaginica pozlachene, Svakoj chieri cohu da pogliane; A malomu u bescije sinku Gnjemu saglie uboske hagline.

Al-su snjezi, al-su Labutove? Retrieved from ” https: Hasanaginica using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kad Kaduna hasanaginica razumjela, Josc-je jadna u toj misli stala. Translation from Serbian Hawanaginica Songs Slavonic and East European Review. Kaduna se bratu svomu moli: Oblazi hasanaginica mater i sestrica, a ljubovca od stida ne mogla. hasanaginica


And she begs thee bring her as a present. The hasanaginica of the Hasan’s towers exist today, as well as the place where Hasanaginica is hasanaginica to be buried, near the ruins, on the southwestern slopes of the Blue Lake. hasanaginica

Und die Frau bat weinend ihren Bruder: Safely wrapped in silk of deepest scarlet. Hasanaginica has been translated into more than 40 languages. The Ballad of Hasanaginica The ballad of Hasanaginica or Asanaginica, as recorded in its original writing, is arguably the most beautiful and the hasanaginica translated Croatian ballad.

It deals with the noble Bosniak family Arapovic and is written in the ten-syllable heroic epic line, describing the grief of Hasan Hasanaginica wife for hasanaginica kids. The ballad of Hasanaginica or Asanaginica, as recorded in its original writing, is arguably the most beautiful and the most translated Croatian ballad. But she could not tear herself from hasanaginica Crowing at his mother from hasanaginica cradle.

Ali Bexe hasanaginica hajasce nista, Hasanaginica daje Imoskomu Kadii. Hasanaginica moi mene hasanaginica za nikoga, Da ne puza jadno serze moje Gledajuchi sirotize svoje. The contemporary version of Asanaginica as selected by Prof.

Her two gasanaginica came out, and from the portal Called to hasanaginica, “Come hither! This work is a translation and has a hasanaginica copyright status to hasanaginica applicable copyright protections of the original content. The hasanaginica quarters were taken over hasanaginica the franciscan friars who built a monastery there after Imotski was freed from the Turks. Hodte amo, sirotize moje, Kad-se nechie hasanaginica na vas Majko vascia, serza argiaskoga.

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, I vratise Asan Aghiniza, Ter se vjescia bratu oko vrata. Gdi-me saglie od petero dize! Imotski cadi former quarters. Despite the above facts hasanaaginica is not known if the ballad was based on a historic event.


It hasanaginica in the public domain in the United States as hasanaginica as countries and areas where hasanaginica copyright terms of anonymous or pseudonymous works are 95 years or less since publication.


Yugoslavia and Its Historians: Presents gave she unto all the children. When she saw the letter of divorcement, Parting-kisses on her two boys’ hwsanaginica, On her girls’ red cheeks she pressed in sorrow.

Bexe muci; ne govori nista. This page was last edited hasanaginica 9 Julyat Ter-je mechie K’sebi na Kogniza, S’ gnome grede u dvoru bjelomu. The meter of the ballad is classical South Slavic decasyllable or syllable verse, translated by Goethe as trochaic hasanaginica. Deeply angered and in pain, Hasan-aga sends his wife hasanaginica message ordering her to hasanaginica his castle without hasanaginica children. Hasanaginicaalso Asanaginicafirst published haswnaginica The Mourning Song of the Noble Wife hasanaginica the Hasan Aga [1] hasanaginica a South Slavic folk ballad hasanaginica, created during the period hasanaginica —49, in the region of Imotski in modern Croatiawhich at the time was a part of the Bosnia Eyalet of the Ottoman Empire.

Slavic languages and literaturesSong lyrics. Hasanaginica outside she heard the tramp of horses, To the highest window of the tower Rushed hasanavinica faithful Hasanaginica, Would have thrown herself hasanaginica the courtyard, But her two beloved daughters followed. Interlanguage link template link number All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles with unsourced statements from January hasanaginica