GURPS Prime Directive: Federation (4th Edition) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brand New in Factory Packaging. Updated for GURPS 4th Edition. Roleplaying on the final frontier. A self- contained book that works with all GURPS 4e books but can also be used as a. 28 Aug Hey all, So I’ve gotten a sudden hankering to run something sci fi, and was thinking of Star Trek. Granted, I’ve never managed to overcome.

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Starships and Stunners are 9, disrupters are 10 and force screens, tractors beams and antimatter missiles are Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. The standard notation of ‘Y’ followed by the year number is used throughout.

I just bought Gurps Prime Directive and i’m very disappointed – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Sign In Don’t have direcrive account? I respectfully suggest the peoples responsible of this book to watch the 4 others series of star gueps and specially the 4 seasons of “Enterprise” to avoid mistakes like: This may impact your buying decision. In the TOS era the Prime Directive was not as rigidly followed as it would be in the TNG era where it was effectively dogma and was too often used to short circuit actual moral choice.

The time now is A complete, highly detailed timeline, allowing GMs to set their campaigns in the early years before the Federation was formed, during the General War period, later when the Advanced Technology ships were entering service, or at any other point in history that the GM prefers — GPD is not tied to any single period within the Timeline, and you can even ignore the entire timeline if you want to. From my long experience with Gurps and SJGames i never was more disappointed.

I just bought Gurps Prime Directive and i’m very disappointed What others have said is correct. It is named after the Prime Directive in Star Trekthe universe it adapts. The rules are a framework, so the better your GM is at telling a story that is interesting and keeps the game flowing without getting bogged down in the not-fun-stuff, then you’ll have a blast! I was not altogether complimentary and the authors were less than happy — but a far more flattering review appeared in issue 7 of Pyramid magazine.


Now the roleplaying game of the Star Fleet Battles universe returns, not so much in a second edition, but at least with a full set of new mechanics in the form of GURPS. The above image is licensed under GPL 2. I’m also a star trek fan.

GURPS Prime Directive

Trademarks and copyrights mentioned on this page owned by their respective owners. Contents [ show ]. Do not submit posts looking for players, groups or games. Here are a couple of points that may or may not help you:. The Preservers visited Earth and relocated some Indian tribes to a distant world. All times are GMT This page was last ddirective on 18 Septemberat Rather it is an example of scientists trying to make any sort of weapon they could in order to help stave off defeat.

It is a mixture of problem solving and combat that could be run in almost any SF RPG and there is little here that prrime it into a Star Trek scenario. Those new to the game who expect elements from The Next Generation and later series will be in for a disappointment, as there are none here.

The problem for me was the resolution system, which although clever, was coupled with a dice pool mechanic that essentially took any character skill out of the equation and thus negated the fact that the Star Trek setting is highly skill oriented.

GURPS is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially as a first system. Please refrain from personal attacks and any homophobic comments. Most of the stuff can be useful, but things like the Klingon Empire sourcebook is mostly pretty useless if you want to run a game set in main canon. Mccoy comments that Federation medicine can deal with every organ of the body but the brain “Menagerie” and “Spock’s Brain”. The energy being kills 7 women in Shanghai, China. I just bought Gurps Prime Directive and i’m very disappointed More importantly, when I review the information on it, nowhere does it claim to be Star Trek.


Preview of the PDF. While much of this has been reconned in the movies and later versions of Star Trek this is how things were when TOS ended in More over they highball the TLs. So there’s little in the way of actual rules that you might need to change.

They are more technologically advanced than in Known Space and it is actually possible to play a female Kzinti. If you choose both the away team package and another skill package, like medical or science, then your character will be able to handle a role, but you might not have many resources to pay for other skills or abilities. My advice to Steve Jackson would be to rewrite these book from scratch before sticking a SJG logo on it.

Back to reviews index. You make the past mean different things by what you do with the time that comes after. Views Read Edit View history. Get the supplements for Klingons, Romulans, and more at Warehouse 23! I’ve resisted picking them up, but was just thinking I still might if I can find them cheap enough. If they license it, and it doesn’t hold up to expectations, then people get upset with SJG rather than the publisher named on the cover.

Psionic skills are bought as mental skills, but instead of being based on the IQ attribute, are based upon the character’s Will statistic. A lot of the politics and so on are totally different, and they have a lot more ship designs which I’m okay with.

Not actually sure on that, though it sounds familiar