Studierea principalelor noţiuni de gramatică este cu atât mai uşoară cu cât acestea TYPES OF VERBS Verbele din limba engleză pot fi împărţite în mai multe. THE ARTICLE. 1. Fill in the blanks with articles wherever necessary a) 1. During their holidays they went on cruise on Black Sea and Mediterranean. 2. 23 Nov Felul substantivelor Substantivele în limba engleza (The Noun) pot fi (a tipa) -> screamed (tipat Gramatica limbii engleze, inclusiv exercitii.

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Ce s-a intamplat acum o ora? They leave here those two aliens who have just got off? But who they meet? What you think they can do to us?

He said he had already finished all the preparations for the party by noon. She arrange some meetings for the manager the moment she arrive. I not understand …. He said water freezes at zero degrees. He said he will bring me that book tomorrow.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I think the manager decide for all the employees to meet him. Intezis viitorul in subordonata circumstantiala de timp when, as soon as, before, after….


I think I like reading books since I start secondary school. He says he has caught a cold. He not talk to his personal assistant yet. Ce citesti in seara asta? Folosind explicatia de aici cum-punem-intrebari-in-englezatradu urmatoarele intrebari: His personal assistant come to work today? I not think about that! She send them a minute ago. He said the Earth is round. I read a lot and I also like a lot.

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What kind of books limbx like? De cat timp gatesti? When I be a teenager I like adventure books, but for some time I study science books. Ar trebui ca noi toti sa visam la o eng,eza mai buna? Traducerea intrebarilor de mai sus: He said he broke the plate when he washed it.

So you read for a long time… How many books you read so far? I be afraid they may catch us. Vezi rezolvarea in videoclip: How long you be interested in books?

Au de gand sa se hotarasca ce vor? He said he finished all the preparations for the party at noon. You want to go there and ask them? Verbul din propozitia gramaticx este la prezent:. I guess she not send all the invitations so far because she not have time.


He call everybody some time ago. Some aliens get off it. He says he is just going out. Stiai puteai sa scrii cand te-ai dus la scoala? It seem that they be some scientists and they do some research for the moment.

She learn how to type quickly when she gramatca in high-school. She types very quickly.

I dream with my eyes open…. He says he will bring me the book tomorrow.

When are you going to learn all these? And how you become interested in reading? He says he is going to prepare a nice meal for his girlfriend. Yes, I guess they take off now.

Gramatica engleza audio – Verbele in engleza, curs online gratuit

How long it take her to type the emails? Cine s-ar putea sa vina la club? I not know … Listen! Ce formatii au venit la concert? What you think about? Verbul ggramatica propozitia principala este la viitor: