Godless, a young adult novel by Pete Hautman, was published in by Simon & Schuster. It won the annual U.S. National Book Award for Young People’s. Godless [Pete Hautman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Why mess around with Catholicism when you can have your own customized. Free summary and analysis of the events in Pete Hautman’s godless that won’t make you snore. We promise.

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I also asked some of his questions.

It has a thought-provoking theme that revealed hauman brutal truth of religions in our world. An entire mythology is built around it, and some people take it too seriously. Your god will be called the Ten-legged Huatman, the town’s feet water tower.

Some are doing it to impress someone else. How would you explain Jason’s ideas and actions? I really enjoyed the point of the book. Agnostic-and-just-steps-away-to-atheist, Jason concocts his own customized religion.

Why does Jason follow Shin to the water tower in chapter twenty-seven?

Godless by Pete Hautman – Review | BookPage | BookPage

Want to Read saving…. He and his followers worship the Ten-legged One and call themselves Chutengodians, a word created out of Church of the Ten-legged God. This book was different from others I’ve read. Overall I would recommend this book for teen areas of the library, and hope it comes out in paperback soon so I can use it with my teen book club. You can force beliefs, but it won’t ever be the same. How are Jason and the other members of the Chutengodian group punished after Henry’s fall?


But Jason is a wonderful character, and I love getting to know him throughout the book. I am sure the fact that they all got in trouble with the police and with their family also had something to do with it.

The Best Books of He is so ordinary that most people have to peete him six or seven times before they remember his name. Get relationship help, parenting epte, healthy recipes, and tips for living a happy life from our author experts. All you need is a disciple or two. Where does the water from the city come from? In the book he was in love with this girl and liked to draw her with very little clothes on, or just naked period.

The rest of the book was waste of my time. And then there is his father who is a lawyer but also who is I would give this book a 3. Along the way he find followers: I find it really funny that this book is so natural.

What’s also WONDERFUL about this book is that the cult members–“Chutengodians,” who worship the town’s water tower as a god–do some stupid and dangerous things as a show of their faith, and in most books a preachy author would use this pattern of “kid doubts faith, kid gets in HUGE trouble or gets hurt due to events following directly from his lack of faith, kid returns to established faith and finds happiness.


Godless sparks religious controversy as many parents question the motivation behind the story. Retrieved 4 April Teenager Jason Bock has started a new religion.

Maybe one day I’ll find a deity I can believe in. Probably one of the best I’ve godles in a while. Jun 22, Lena rated it really liked it Shelves: Write a script based on one or more of the TPO scenes in the book.

All is exposed and Jason now must come to grips with the power of suggestion. Jason, godles main character ended it with an epiphany or a reflection about himself, and there is that uncertainty about him and what he really believes in, that I find amazing and haunting.

Because it seemed that no matter who she chose he would have been a jerk, yet she was hated for her decision. He got a couple members to join with him.

In addition, the theme is very captivating and really gets the reader to contemplate.