Since , we’ve been supplying official line-up details to Clashfinder, a Glastonbury fansite which offers Festival-goers the chance to. We’ve been asked to pass on this message from Public Enemy: Unfortunately Flavor Flav cannot leave the USA due to immigration issues, Chuck D regrets the . Glastonbury , June . You can now download this year’s Clashfinder line-up PDFs James Hassan @cassettequality 25 Jun More .

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I don’t have any plans for an app but I’m working on a version of the clashfinder to go on the mobile page and I’m trying to get the page to cache so it’s available when you don’t have a data connection.

Ditto, any idea when we’ll have at least a fuller list even if the times are out?! Clashfinddr 85 For future years appreciated it’s not going to happen glastonbuty time this year it would be a cool idea for some of the Glasto-sized festivals with huge numbers of stages, to have an option when it comes to printing time to only display the stages for each day where you have highlighted acts – in other words don’t waste space printing out stages where you don’t plan to see any acts.


Hey Halvin and co, can we add in Arcadia now their line-up has been released? Don’t suppose you or anyone reading this clashfindef WTF is happening with Arcadia?!

Not long to go!!! Seem to have disappeared from the line up. It took me a while to work out but you need to go to a link in your email and enter a code in that email on the page that it opens. Rev 50 All of these stages have times on the official page but not on here gully bbc stone bridge bar university of glastonbury heaven lounge stage genosis block 9 london underground The cave The Temple Unfairground Caberet Glade Lounge Beat hotel They’re there.

Glastonbury clashfinder: the worst clashes on 2017’s line-up

Rev 70 I know you can kind of do this with the Itinerary view already but it would be nice to be able to do it with the block view too. Rev 72 Rev 89 It only took you a day and a half to find this page and get first post. Rev 86 Hell Stage; Thursday; Glasto Rev 79 Rev 87 Quick plug for your merchandise, which is better quality than you’d expect.


PS “with Father Green” x. Rev 16 Guest – Taff Rev 31 Happy to do it myself but obviously can’t access right now.

I’ve just spent 15 mins or so looking I can’t update the Clasfinder now it’s been locked, but if someone has access can they please update the following:. Rev 96 Its new location could make it an even more important part of the festival for me as no fucking around to queue up for SE corner, but dying to know who will be playing there!! Hi I have a mate playing on the Igloo stage, It’s not included on the clashfinder or i couldn’t find it.

Glastonbury clashfinder: the worst clashes on ‘s line-up

Ive almost ripped a whole roll of tissue up wating for a fuller clash finder. Thanks georgewinstanley Rev If you spot a mistake and can’t edit the clashfinder, leave a comment below.

Rev 62 I can’t see anything missing. Guest – Ali Guest – Rufus Wainwright Rev 66 Rev 13 Rev 43