English translation of Tagore songs. A list of available translations for songs starts with alphabet A. 25 Oct আলোকের এই ঝর্ণাধারায় ধুইয়ে দাও. Aloker ei jhornadharay. Pour your cascades of sunshine. Bathing, steeping me in gold. Let layers of dust. Her translations are available on Gitabitan in English, where she and her friend, Rumela Sengupta, have transcreated more than songs of Tagore so far.

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He insisted I have some, despite my polite resistance. When I first came across these translated songs and poems, they read so well, I can still recall my elation at reading those soulful, crisp passages. That is what I wish. Since Rumela set up the blog, we have transcreated more than songs. These days gitabitam hears a lot of hullabaloo against child labour; apparently, it amounts to exploiting children.

My grandson studies in the college. Let fnglish go to the city and dab a new scent on his skin; let a new breeze blow in our house.

Englidh your tearfulness to marry a demure smile, a rendezvous, somehow unfold in the flute-like savory Madhabi wilderness. Aug 20, Who will give me solace.

Gitabitan in English Translations of Rabindra Sang

And so, there could be different un to transcreate the same song by two different people. English translation of Tagore songs List of song starts with alphabet A Advertisement.

This year I planted tomatoes and chili peppers — the tomatoes did really well, I got about two and a half quintals per katha square feet. Category Melange – Bichitra. Is this website helpful to you? Feb 4, You are yet to snap out of your trance.

Send us your recordings To publish your song in this site. Why could I not learn Malayalam or Assamese in school? A lot of people from our village came to listen to them. Therefore to the Tagore fan of Bengal, any transcreation can easily seem like a travesty.


Aug 22, You stir me awake from my dream. Later, I was quelling out my own stress of traveling long giabitan every week, by translating Tagore songs; also, I was determined not enflish let my long hours of travel turn out to be entirely futile. None of them is man gitaibtan to stand up and admit to being your father. The very fact that women writers from this state could make their voices heard only as recently as the s makes this anthology critically significant.

Who turns her face in tears? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: On top of the wage, I also give them a basket of muri and lunch. I can only prepare the soil.

We also tried to respond to englisu specific requests that were sometimes made of us, of transcreating certain lyrics. I recently came across a US citizen named John Thorpe visiting Bangladesh, his work brings him to a culturally thriving milieu in the neighborhoods of Rajshahi University.

Category Love – Prem. Awaken, gihabitan, do not let time go by At the end of an arduous road In a remote unreachable land That friend of mine awaits alone Do not give him the slip So be it if a parched sky quivers in the scorching sun So be it if the burning sand in distress scatters all around In a searing thirst scatters all around Gaze deep into your heart Is there no joy With every step you take The melancholic tune gitahitan a flute Will call out to you In a sweet tune It will call out to you.

His eyes lit up when he shared his vision of a day when school-going children in one region would learn a language from gitabltan region.

Friends Suman Dasgupta, Soumya Sankar Basu and Arindam Sengupta and others, often gave us razor-sharp and profound critique that we englizh to craft these transcreations into the molds they would eventually become.


As the sun broke out that morning, I saw farmers making their way to the fields from my seat by the pond. I think that pathway also describes the motivations and frustrations met along the way, for this work.

Every morning, I sit by the pond until the sun comes up. Then again we also tried to be context sensitive, to be able to produce some work that would be seasonable and synchronous to the time gitabotan year or any concurrent collective occasion.

Wo held us in her love But now she is bygone? I kept hearing in my ear the knock on the gktabitan, the rain that snglish here all year long, the clouds that graze the skies like cows, the grass that hugs the door — there, by our kitchen, overgrown young grass has indeed closed up on the doors — nobody even noticed.

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Enylish itself is so fluid and magnetic. At his own home in Khulna, he was teaching the sitar, KholPakhwajviolin, harmonium, tabla, flute and Esraj to his seven children. Category Nature – Prokriti.

Edited by Henitiuk along with Supriya Kar, both of them academicians in the field of literary translation, the book gtiabitan a collection of twenty-five short stories written by women from the eastern Indian state of Orissa. A light breakfast fare—idlys, coconut chutney, small uttapams, diced papaya—lay in the small table between us.

My friend, abide in my heart.

In the year and