Download tài liệu document ĐỀ THI MẪU STARTERS, MOVERS, FLYERS miễn phí tại Download tài liệu document Tổng hợp các đề thi starters miễn phí tại Tiếng Nhật – Hàn · Tiếng Nga – Trung – Pháp · TOEFL – IELTS – TOEIC · Ngữ pháp tiếng Starters. Reading & Writing. Version Centre Number Candidate Number .. sẽ trao đổi tài liệu như luận văn đồ án, sách, giáo trình, đề thi, truyện đọc. Download tài liệu document tổng hợp đề thi starters,movers,flyers mới nhất theo chương trình cải cách cambridge miễn phí tại

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Colour it with that pencil, then. Young Learners and for more sample papers go to: Fch The balloon under the table?

Download Skills for Success – Listening and Speaking 2

Look at the pictures. How old is the new girl?

F What is it? Sue Ann Pat 4 Cambridge English: Reading clue 2 SB keys 42 0. M The one behind the cat.

Questions 18 1 The man has got black hair and glasses. In more advanced classes, ask for volunteers to give the instructions to the toeix of the class As a variation, give instructions such as Jump to the hands! Examples These are grapes.

What is Lucy wearing? Fch Apples for my horse. A 1 C Which picture are May and Sam looking at? Learners can either start toeci all the sections in order or refer to a particular part they want to focus gao. I go to see him with my friend. Were the children willing to participate?


Last but not least, illustrative pictures in the sections of common vocabulary, expressions, and model conversations will certainly bring a lot of interest to those using this book. Listen and write a name or a number. M The one behind the cat. I wear a tie pop I wear a hat Key Words 56 Abracadabra! R Can you see the tick? R Two Fch Thank you.


Make that balloon brown. M Is that K-I-M? Fch What colour for the balloon between the boxes? Fch What colour for the balloon between the boxes? Did you use any supplementary materials, e. I love that colour! Street Starters Listening Part 3 — 5 questions — Listen and tick the box. Did the children enjoy the unit?


It is quite common for young children not to produce anything during the initial stages This period of adjustment should not alarm teachers Teachers need to bear in mind that such children will be absorbing the new language and will reproduce it naturally in their own time Be fair: Now you listen and write a name or a number.

About these sample papers These sample papers show you what the three exams look like. At their swimming lesson? R Now listen to Part 3 again. Grammar space 1 SB keys 51 0. Find that one, please.


Show children flashcards of four items to be reviewed Ask children to put the four flashcards face down on the board, and the color flashcards above them Then ask them to close their eyes Ask children glao open their eyes, and invite one child to choose a color and guess what flashcard is underneath that color, e.

Fch I can see it. There is one example. M Are they playing glao Fch Mum, Alex has got an animal in his bedroom.

Sách Luyện Thi Toeic

Look at Part 1. Around the world over 20, universities, employers, government ministries and other organisations rely on our exams and qualifications as proof of English language ability. Exploring reading very easy 1 sb 87 3. Yes Sometimes Seldom Make as many photocopies as you need and complete the charts as indicated Write the names of the activities you are going to evaluate, e.