4 days ago Games™ is the magazine that every true gamer should be reading. Quality text, superior design and unbiased, honest opinion have aided this. games™ Issue OUYA, the $99 Android-based console that’s shaking up the games industry gets our front cover treatment this issue as we investigate the. UK magazines GamesMaster and GamesTM to close. Thread starter Didn’t love GamesTM, but I’d take it over Edge any day of the week. .. # · Ex- Actarus said: Do you think something can be done to save magazines?.

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Jul 26, 14, 0 1, Germany. As someone who used to be editor and chief editor of several magazines it pains me to see how magazines and glossy’s slowly but surely disappear and publishing houses going under.

Jul 16, 9, 0 0. Deals Spend those gift cards on an awesome new console, and have enough left over gametsm some games. May 9, 34, 0 0. I remember some guy made an image somewhere where he mocked review scales Jun 14, Oct 27, 2, The English Wilderness.

MightyHedgehog Member Aug 25, Why Gameinformer is still strong but the others struggle.

GamesTM review scores – issue – Nintendo Everything

Deleted member User requested account closure Member. Nov 2, Oct 27, Oct 25, While undoubtedly enthusiastic, gAmEsTm is pretty poorly written – more like a fanzine than the quality copy and journalism you get in Edge.

Dec 28, 3, 0 0 Manchester, England. King of the Potato People Member Aug 25, Would you react the same way when the next-gen big three consoles are featured similarly as they traditionally are on the front of gaming mags?


GamesTM Issue 126

SparkTR Member Aug 25, Looking back, I think the only thing that has changed between print mags back then and digital content now are reviews I’m talking mainstream content and not Youtube personalities yelling for clicks.

The very best Xbox One headsets to give you superior audio and comfort, at cheaper prices. Apr 7, 9, 0 0 England. Review Razer’s latest pro-player controller is a well crafted piece of kit, but many extra features over-complicate, rather famestm empowering the gamer.

Little Old Man Member. GamesTM has been uniformly excellent all along.

GamesTM Issue | NeoGAF

I remember they used to review Neo Geo games and I didn’t have a clue what that even was lol. GamesTM used to be pretty good, shame. RIP to a piece of my childhood. Just as long as edge publishes forever and Barnes and noble carries it in the states. Just because the cover shows off big games I don’t care a thing about or even dislike, I don’t complain.


Derrick01 Banned Aug 25, Not sure if you noticed, but the buttons all spell out “OUYA”, so it makes sense. After all, this is a discussion forum and I’d have no issue with you voicing your opinions on the games featured on any magazine on here. Yeah this, I remember reading it quite a bit when I was younger. Feature As voted for by the readers of Retro Gamer magazine with unrivalled developer insight into each classic gaming machine.

I buy every issue. Jan 30, 2, 0 0. I’d have posted this earlier but only signed up yesterday and got approved today.


Buying guide The best, cheap PS4 deals available right now – games, headsets, hard drives and lots more. I just subbed to GTM as Edge is now shit. Aug 5, Germany. Your defensive response is a little childish though. I know you can get all the info online, but it’s nice to get away from a screen and read something printed now and then; great when your sitting on the loo as well: Movie News The two Bumblebee post-credits scenes are well worth sticking around for.

Maybe it’s because it’s not high-technology enough or that it doesn’t have a familiar brand name or hardware lineage to back it up, but it struck me as an odd response.

It will be missed. FlutterPuffs Member Aug 25, For a better experience, please enable Gamest, in your browser before proceeding.

A sed reflection of the industry gamstm alas print is just too slow for industry news and theres not enough people prepared to wait for them now when everything is online instantly. Not saying you can’t, but saying it should feature what you want is a bit childish, no?

News “Worst Joke of the Century”: Only times I’ve bought gaming magazines lately were for console launches on the front covers.