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Such write-off shall not be construed at any time as a waiver of BANK to their right to pursue collection actions, being clearly established that the Bank may, by judicial or extrajudicial actions, pursue collection of the amount due even if the debt has been written off. The DEBTOR declares that the goods, constituted as security interest, are exclusively owned by it and do not have any tax whatsoever in favor of a third party, except for the ones constituted in favor of the BANKS prior to this Loan.

That is, for an analysis period, the sum of financial expenses interests for the use of credit lines and Capital and interests amounts to be paid for loans credits longer than one year.

Trámites, requisitos y formularios > FUNDEMPRESA

In regards to the aforementioned goods, which constitute collateral, the following is established: Add this badge to your website. Although many speak English or other languages themselves, knowing that you, as a foreigner, made some effort, helps build trust. According to what is anticipated in the Law on Banks and Financial Institutions, the syndications fundemresa upon between the BANKS may not be considered as an Accidental Association, nor does it entail solidarity between the BANKS, being clear that they will maintain their Independence, assuming the risks that granting the Fundemptesa implies in the corresponding percentages and participation.

Investment yields are excluded, as well as Shareholder distribution. These Cable Car lines stop near Fundempresa: Finally, in compliance with the provisions of Art. Moovit is the world’s 1 transit app.

An affidavit stating no Default has taken place, as clearly defined in Clause Sixteenth of this Contract, which represents a Substantially Adverse Effect or Event, as stated in Clause Sixteenth of this Contract.

If the payment were to be made on a later date to what was agreed on, for the days passed from the date in which the payments should have been made to the date in which it was made effective, the interest rate applied will be the one current for each new repayment period, according to what is set in this clause. All documents stemming from and related with this contract and its improvement, will be governed by the laws of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

In regards to the aforementioned goods, which constitute collateral, the following is established:. The closest stations to Fundempresa are: Fundempresa is the government organism where all companies that are set up in Bolivia are registered. No stipulation contained in this contract will be interpreted by the parties or by third parties, as an indication that a commercial or civil partnership, an accidental association or a joint venture agreement is established between the BANKS that subscribe it.

That this contract was duly registered in the Fundempersa Registry, handled by Fundempresa. To keep its assets in good condition, except for damage by normal use of the goods, as well as to keep them properly insured against all common risk of the telecommunications area.


How to get to Fundempresa in La Paz by Cable Car or Bus

Orlando Remy Luna Angulo, ; documents that are relevant for legal purposes and shall be inserted in the corresponding public deed. For the purposes of interest calculations for periods under one year, accounting wise, a year will be considered as having three hundred and sixty days.

Nor shall the obligations stemming from this contract be interpreted as being supportive and indivisible for the BANKS. In these cases, the right-to-be-forgotten operate only at the end of such period, as set forth in Article of the Act and the regulations issued by ASFI.

If the deadline for the repayment falls on a non-business day, the corresponding payment will be made on the next business day. In case other loans came from third parties, the DEBTOR is authorized to hire them without subordination to the Loan, except for what is in relation to the stipulated rights in favor of Banco Bisa Bolvia. The receipts, statements and other disbursements constitute full proof of completion of the contract and are considered as an integral and indivisible part of this contract, without the need of any fundempreas.

All notary and registry expenses and others similar stemming from this contract, will be taken care of by the DEBTOR, without exclusion of any kind. The only cause that can extinguish obligations, responsibilities and guarantees stemming from this contract, is and will be effective and complete payment of the Loan, plus interests, expenses, costs and other applicable accessories, to the complete satisfaction of the BANKS; which will only be credited i with the express declaration of payment manifested by the BANKS in an irrefutable document or, ii any other way recognized by Law.

To submit an affidavit declaring there is no preventive annotation, embargo, registration, tax regarding the taxed goods or others prior registrations on the collateral agreed upon in this contract, except those already taxed bolivla favor of the BANKS under other syndicated loan contracts signed with them.

How to get to Fundempresa in La Paz by Cable Car or Bus | Moovit

What are the closest stations to Fundempresa? Fundempresa has a downloadable step by step guide detailing all steps to start a business in Bolivia, whether it be a sole proprietorship, findempresa liability company, or other type of corporation. In case of default of the loan under this contract in accordance with the Payment Plan to ufndempresa generated by each of the banks, which include capital, contractual interest, penal interest, financial charges and other agreed, banks reserve the right to make compensation sums due against the balances of current accounts, savings, deposits and other agreed that the DEBTOR keep in banks, without any formalities and pursuant to fundempressa provisions of Article 1.

First, all costs and expenses made by the BANKS and which are related to the execution of guarantees will be paid. The DEBTOR will not be able to pay loans to its shareholders, directors, administrators or companies related, affiliated or subsidiary economically linked to it, when it is not fulfilling its contractual obligations to the BANKS, or when, fundemrpesa a consequence of the mentioned payment, a Delay Event is produced.

  ATV312H037N4 PDF

Find Jobs in Bolivia On this page you’ll find a job search engine which you can use to browse through positions currently being offered in Bolivia. To have and maintain fndempresa necessary licenses, permits and authorizations required by the Regulation and Social Control Authority for Telecommunications and Transport ATT to fulfill obligations within this contract and for the normal management of their operations, within the established limits and dundempresa the frame of applicable regulations.

For fundekpresa Event of Default to come into effect, the BANKS shall notify which Default Event was produced through a letter sent to the DEBTORS address, admonishing, to regularize the mentioned event in a period of 15 business days, if a special deadline had not been established, when this regularization was possible.

Its website explains the documentation process to follow to ensure your company is duly registered and recognized by the Bolivian govt.

Inform the BANKS from the moment it has knowledge, and within a dateline, which does not exceed two business days, if a process were to be followed or initiated stemming from default. It’s an excellent page that explains procedures for starting a business, getting credit, legal business reforms Bolivia has made, registering property, paying taxes, and much more.

The majority of its findempresa, furniture and real estate, present and, future, without exception or exclusion. Find updated times for all the routes that are available with real-time step-by-step directions from Fundempresa. These Bus lines stop near Fundempresa: The Loan will be complete as soon as the respective disbursements have taken place, which will be done by the BANKS on the same date, as agreed in numeral 2.

Please take a moment to read this personal message from the creator of BoliviaBella. Inform the BANKS, from the moment it has knowledge and within the dateline, which does not exceed two business days, about any factor circumstance that could reasonably become an Event of Delay or a Substantially Adverse Funfempresa. Full payment of the interest generated within the operations to be canceled as the fourth paragraph clause 4.

If the Default was not corrected by the set deadline, the notified Default Event will come into effect. Once the debt has been written-off, the debtor shall not be able to access new loans or provide guarantees in credit transactions with any financial intermediary.

In the event the BANKS, within the Deadline set in the Fifth clause of this contract, would jointly grant one or more deferrals for repayments established in this contract or boliviw the repayments deadlines dates, security interest will remain firm, valid and subsisting during the period the Loan and deferrals remain unpaid.

The mentioned policy will be partially substituted in favor of the BANKS proportionally to their participation in this contract.