Reserva de razón social – Certificados – Registros y otros. Vigésima tercera depuración: Listado de empresas depuradas del Registro de. Formulario Virtual de Actualización de Matrícula de Comercio” y Encuesta.

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An affidavit stating no Default has taken place, as clearly defined in Clause Sixteenth of this Contract, which represents a Substantially Adverse Effect or Event, as stated in Clause Sixteenth of this Contract.

To keep its assets in good condition, except for damage by normal use of the goods, as well as to keep them properly insured against all common risk of the telecommunications area. Full payment of the interest generated within the operations to be canceled as the fourth paragraph clause 4.

Valuation of the guarantee to be substituted will be made using the appraisals of goods placed previously as guarantee and appraisals of goods offered as substitution, as reference. In regards to the aforementioned goods, which constitute collateral, the following is established:. In case of default of the loan under this contract in accordance with the Payment Plan to be generated by each of the banks, which include capital, contractual interest, penal interest, financial charges and other agreed, banks reserve the right to make compensation sums due against the balances of current accounts, savings, deposits and other agreed that the DEBTOR keep in banks, without any formalities and pursuant to the provisions of Article 1.

Investment yields are excluded, as well as Shareholder distribution. No stipulation contained in this contract will be interpreted by the parties or by third parties, as an indication that a commercial or civil partnership, an accidental association or a joint venture agreement is established between the BANKS that subscribe it.

Learn Spanish Knowing some basic Spanish goes a long way toward gaining the trust of business professionals in Bolivia.

How to get to Fundempresa in La Paz by Cable Car or Bus

If the Default was not corrected by the set deadline, the notified Default Event will come into effect. Banco Nacional de Bolivia S. The majority of its assets, furniture and real estate, present and, future, without exception or exclusion.


The Variable Interest Rate referred to on numeral 6. According to what is anticipated in the Law on Banks and Financial Institutions, the syndications agreed upon between the BANKS may not be considered as an Accidental Association, fundemlresa does it entail solidarity between the BANKS, being clear that they will maintain their Independence, assuming the risks that granting the Loan implies in the corresponding percentages and participation.

Of course, there are certain situations in which it is better to hire the services of top-quality professional translators and interpreters in Bolivia.

Registro de Comercio de Bolivia

For the purposes of interest calculations for periods under one year, accounting wise, a year will be considered as having three hundred and sixty days. To allow the BANKS access to banking information balance in each accountboth other Banks in Bolivia bolivla abroad, and of any other financial institution with which the company manages funds according to the applicable law.

In case of a fundemprwsa, it is agreed that the BANKS will proceed jointly in the pursuit of the collection of the total of the owed obligation, interests and others, each BANK also being able to individually collect, through a way or action they see fit, its part or its corresponding balance of the Loan plus interests and others.

Looking for directions to Fundempresa in La Paz, Bolivia?

| – AXS Bolivia S. A., Bolivia

See our Bolivia Business Forum. What are the closest stations to Fundempresa? Principal, plus stipulated interests, will be paid for in QUARTERLY repayments, equal and consecutive to capital and interests and other financial charges, described in this contract until the final payment of the Loan is made, as follows: To guard the insurance policy of goods granted as collateral loan, being able to request its renovation or renew in case the DEBTOR had not done it according to what the DEBTOR has committed to in this document, as stated in the following Eighth clause.


Business in Bolivia Home Page Questions? The Loan will be complete as soon as the respective disbursements have taken place, which will be done by the BANKS on the same date, as agreed in numeral 2. If you have already worked with Bolivian partners or companies, started your own business, or searched for jobs in Bolivia, you can share what you learned to benefit others.

Central area of this city. Bolivia Business Forum Use our business forum to ask questions about conducting business in Bolivua. Once they have knowledge of the mentioned change within a 5 business day period the BANKS will be entitled to speed up the entire payment of the Fuhdempresa to that date and, to this end, they may use any legal mechanisms they consider necessary. Credit Bank of Bolivia S.

For the purposes of this contract, the Banks named and described above in sections 1. To maintain a structural debt of less than three 3 years according to the following formula: In case other bolivvia came from third parties, the DEBTOR is authorized to hire them without subordination to the Loan, except for what is in relation to the stipulated rights in favor of Banco Bisa S.

Find updated times for all the routes that are available with real-time step-by-step directions from Fundempresa. It’s an excellent page that explains procedures for starting a business, getting credit, legal business reforms Bolivia has made, registering property, paying taxes, and much more.

Which Bus lines stop near Fundempresa? That is, for an analysis period, the sum of financial expenses interests for the use of credit lines and Capital and interests amounts to be paid for loans credits longer than one year.