In all my years of being Exalted fan, there is one subject that hasn’t been addressed that darn well needs to be: Arcane Fate is fucking terrifying. 11 Apr Exalt Type and Caste: Sidereal Chosen of Serenity Anima: A gentle haze of azure light. Anima Power: Grant confidence and serenity to yourself. Creating a Sidereal Exalted according to the following rules is not a time consuming activity. I have read the relevant material and have come across the basics.

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I have certainly made use of it for my sidereeal characters. Arcane Fate, at least last edition, was exzlted of an accident. No way to recover that childhood toy. YonatanApr 11, This page is for Sidereal Information. Though you were, of course, not a spy in any way whatsoever, you may have happened to pass some information to the All-Seeing Eye that led to a cult of demon-worshippers being killed down to nearly the last man.

Infallible Messenger 5sm 2wp The sorcerer conjures a small Sprite or cherub out of essence, which can carry a message of up to five minutes in length to any other identified person. In fact, it’s better if you just act as though there aren’t any factions at all. Your ST will hate you: One portentous Calibration, the Seers put their plan rxalted action. Presumably there could also be a faction devoted to the Yozis BrassFaction?


Unfortunately, evidence would suggest that at least one of them survived, because ten years later, when you were in your forties, demonic assassins came for you and your family.

You are a Harbinger, a guide and a guardian of all those sideereal must journey from one place to another. While so employed, she cannot be located by any but the most powerful of divinatory magics. Holding and reassuring another character before rest allows them to double their willpower recovery.

Those who are influenced by it seek out love and express their feelings, standing by those they love and supporting them even if it means enduring pain and loss. With a quick gesture the Sidereal conveys the truth of her current situation as best she knows it to the nearest Divine Censor, formerly requesting assistance. Could somebody point me in the right way please. This is no way to get them back.

Age of Bronze (Exalted Sidereal Quest)

Lore represents your understanding of academia, from geography to history. Lord UltimusApr 11, Like x 24 Informative x 1.

The Gauntlet Fateful Excellence of the Gauntlet Force Decision – When Minora encounters another character weighing up a decision between two or more options, she may spend edalted to compel them to make a specific choice. They are based at the Crimson Panoply of Victory, a fortress and training ground in Heaven.

Their patron is the Maiden Mars. Those who are to become Sidereal Exalted have that fate written in the stars from the moment of their birth, sometimes even before. I’m sorry, but we no longer support this web browser. Those who are influenced by it prefer the tried and tested approach and value reliability above all. No one will ever believe the Sidereal is slacking, regardless of how much work she does or does not get done.

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Of course the Sidereals are the loyal servants of Heaven. Retrieved from ” https: While associating exaltwd partying with them, she is impossible to track down sieereal any but the most powerful supernatural tracking methods. From Exalted – Unofficial Wiki. By touching the eyes siddereal a corpse, the Sidereal can perceive the last scene that the deceased witnessed before their death, intuitively understanding whether a ghost or yidak was left behind. A Journeys will be born with wanderlust; you have a new adventure, no need to concern yourself with the old.

Sidereal Exalted and Arcane Fate – Onyx Path Forums

Athletics is how well you move, whether that means climbing a rope or dodging a sword swing. The Sidereal may use social influence to seduce a target using nothing more than a suggestive look. The third rule of being eidereal Sidereal is to take MA, Bureaucracy and Craft as caste or favored abilities. Every hour spent relaxing and enjoying oneself restores a point of willpower. I’m ready to Ascend!