The Golden Key has ratings and 8 reviews: Published April 25th by Literary Licensing, LLC, 12 pages, Paperback. The Golden Key (#1) [Emmet Fox] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Scientific Prayer will enable you, sooner or later, to get yourself, . 7 Jul The Golden Key is to be used in times of crisis – when we are still attracting under the law of cause and effect and have attracted or created a.

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But could it be that Jesus was telling him about the Golden Key? God is always the answer. The title says it all. Ask for and expect a miracle.

Golden Key to Prayer – Emmet Fox

I ekmet growing and unfolding every day. Leave the questions and ways and means to God. Every day a divine plan unfolds with opportunities to bless and be blessed. The Author is a good interpreter of many unanswered questions in the bible once again thanks.

The Golden Key

I give thanks for a healthy, joyous and peaceful life. I have read this this book several times in the past few days.

A week later, he showed up at her front door and told her that his military family had suddenly moved out of town. All that you have to do is this: I am created by the Mind of the universe in love.


How To Use Emmet Fox’s “The Golden Key” | Getting Unstuck, LLC

I am surrounded by the Presence of God and all is well. Relationship – I now erase any pattern in my sub-consciousness mind blocking true companionship. God is in the gentleman that has it.

I know that God has given to my being all that God is and has. My little pet fills my life with joy, revealing God’s love in expression.

Apply the Golden Key solution. Yolden of Material Connection: God I know without a doubt that you love me, so I trust you completely. Any time you get into a feeling of sympathy for anybody, start using The Golden Key instead. This is the inspired teaching, and it is intended to be taken literally, at its face value. They had just come back for a visit and he remembered to bring the book back.

The golden key Excellent treatments provided by the author thank you for your wisdom. God is her wholeness. Who is a Christian Mystic? Your email address will not be published. Every second of every day spiritual energy flows through goldsn cell, organ, muscle, tissue and fiber of my being, revitalizing and renewing me.


I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. I feel the gentle forgiving spirit throughout my entire being. I feel a sense of serenity now as I let go of all cares and challenges.

Recommend that this is read during a time of trouble or need. The husband called EMS. Infinite love fills me with harmony and love. Wanda rated it really liked it Jul 09, Stop thinking about the difficulty, whatever it is, and think about God instead. Weight Release – I do not over eat. A couple was painting the house. It is portable, even fits in my pocket.

This is the complete rule, and if only you will do this, the trouble, whatever it is, will presently disappear. Jan 15, A. God is omnipotent, and man is His image and likeness, and has dominion over all things. Raghavy rated it liked it Jan 05, An affirmation is a positive statement of Truth.