Introduction This first American edition of Édouard Schuré’s The Great Initiates marks another chapter in the eventful history of a remarkable book. According to a. Édouard Schuré and The Great Initiates. This first American edition of Édouard Schuré’s The Great Initiates marks another chapter in the eventful history of a. 9 Oct Édouard Schuré’s The Great Initiates: Theosophy, Text, Context, and Influence on the Visual Arts. Massimo Introvigne (UPS, Torino, Italy).

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This book describes the motivations behind external history, the growth of religious striving, the rise and fall of cultures, and indicates their importance for us today.

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. These ideas can awaken within every human being a premonition of the solution of the riddles of existence. Wandering in Darkness Eleonore Stump. Although unwelcome in the Theosophical Ihitiateshe nevertheless entered. Teffy rated it it was amazing Apr 09, In another context, Steiner referred to The Great Initiates: Putnam’s Sons,ed.

The Great Initiates: A Study of the Secret History of Religions – Édouard Schuré – Google Books

However, I was rather indifferent when Rudolf Steiner came to meet me. The Archangel Michael Rudolf Steiner. Schuee Dante when face to face with the Celestial Rose of the Paradise, the boy beheld the Figure of the Risen Christ, surrounded by an aureole of sublime glory. He had remained rather quiet. Slowly and surely The Great Initiates continued on its way through the gloom, winning its success by its own strength. Then, as we were going out, he related to me wonderful things about John, about the Gospel of St.

Xit rated it really liked it Jan 13, It was as if I had found my Novum Organum.


The Great Initiates: A Study of the Secret History of Religions by Édouard Schuré

However, the fact that after seventy-two years The Great Initiates is still read and schurw to sell in appreciable quantities, shows that many people in various parts of the world still enjoy this book. See 1 question about The Gfeat Initiates…. Abraham rated it really liked it Jun 04, It is said that this or that must be hidden from man because with his understanding he cannot penetrate beyond a certain point. Refresh and try again. In the autumn of came the news of the death of Margherita Albana Mignaty.

Moral, Believing Animals Christian Smith. Finally the moment came when the world of the spirit opened itself before his enraptured eyes. The discovery of Wagner’s “music drama” Tristan and Isolde impressed him sufficiently to seek—and obtain—Wagner’s personal acquaintance. Eventually he received his degree in law at the University of Strasbourg, but he never entered into practice.

Worldly Wonder Mary Evelyn Tucker.

Return to Book Page. Every Step an Arrival Eugene Peterson.

Minski, the novelist, Dimitri S. Paperbackpages. Paulina rated it liked it Mar 02, There, in the hush of initaites crypt, the majesty of the great nave, the glory of the music, the awe-inspiring mystery of the service, the holy calm of the candle-flames, the wreathing fragrance of incense smoke ascending into the dimness, he felt a kind of inner satisfaction, a longing fulfilled.

The Great Initiates : A Study of the Secret History of Religions

With this object in view, the Science of the Spirit will strive to build up a synthesis of the sciences of physical observation by cultivating, through ecouard discipline of initiation, the faculties of imagination, inspiration and intuition that are necessary for the perception of the soul and spiritual worlds. The municipal library, standing in the heart of Florence, behind the Museum, on the banks of the Arno, not far from the Palazzio Vecchio which proudly erects its slender campanile, sentinel-like, above the elegant city — all this was a favorable setting for my meditations.


He believed the Brahmans had to protect their pure Aryan blood from admixtures with the blood of the other – inferior – races of India after the ‘invasion’ of India by the Aryans.

What is the Bible? Book ratings by Goodreads. This excitement of discovery which breathes through The Great Initiates may well explain its continuing popularity after over a century. His firm geat was, “Today neither the Church, imprisoned in its dogma, nor science, locked up inside matter, any longer knows how to make men whole.

As he wrote, “Science is concerned only with the physical and material world; ethical philosophy has lost the leadership of the minds of men; religion. I could not escape the impression that he had met these figures again in the cathedral. Mystery of the Seven Vowels Joscelyn Godwin.

His accounts are at odds with the physical structure of the pyramid as revealed by contemporary gdeat and, speaking from personal experience as one who has visited the Great Pyramid and walked inside, I find very little in his account that is plausible. On the walls of one of the buildings the ten-year-old boy saw a remarkable series of frescoes, depicting the world of undines, sylphs, gnomes and fire-spirits.

Édouard Schuré

The Great Initiates encompasses long centuries of human existence and reflects our great search–the greatest search of all–the quest for the spirit. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Giorgio rated it really liked it Mar 07,