Ecomafia in numbers Ecomafia in numbers • Total amount of environmental crimes: (92 a day, more than 3,8 per hour) •. PM BST 09 Jul Saviano, the author of a damning book on the Camorra mafia of Campania, wrote in the preface to the report, ‘Eco-mafia ‘. ECOMAFIA The environmental illegality. And the role of crime organizations. Legambiente Environmental crimes National Dept.

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Mafia making billions from environmental destruction

Although mafia activities were concentrated in the south the wealthy north of the country was not immune, he said. Mobsters are also involved in illegal dog fights, poaching, clandestine horse racing and the looting of archeological sites.

Mafia godmother ‘big female kitten’ arrested. In alone, more than 25, houses and other buildings were constructed without the appropriate permits, the report said.



It was an almost 10 per cent increase on the year before, according to the report by Legambiente, Italy’s foremost environmental organisation. By Nick SquiresRome. The mafia made millions in from illegally disposing of an estimatedtons of ecomacia. The complicity of local authorities was key to the success of mafia dons — already this year 18 local councils have been dissolved on suspicion of mafia infiltration.

Mafia making billions from environmental destruction – Telegraph

Long stretches of Italy’s coastline, especially in the south, have been marred by ugly and inappropriate development funded by mafia groups with the connivance of corrupt politicians. But several other regions, many of them popular with British tourists, were also affected, including Tuscany and Sardinia.

More from the web. Crimes against the environment included the deliberate torching ofacres of woodland and forests to make way for development, according to the annual report.

Nearly 34, environmental 2021 were detected in — the equivalent of more than 90 a day. Campania, the region around crime-ridden Naples, was the region worst hit, followed by Calabria — home to the ‘Ndrangheta mafia.


Monday 31 December Mafia making billions from environmental destruction The Italian mafia is making billions from carrying out wanton destruction of the environment, a report has found.

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. The Italian police arrested more than people — nearly 50 ecomafiq cent more than the year before — and confiscated nearly 9, properties, but their efforts did nothing to stem the assault on the environment, said Vittorio Cogliati Dezza, the president of Legambiente.

The wcomafia affected regions were Campania, Calabria, Sicily and Puglia, which are home to Italy’s four distinct mafia organisations.