The Rolls-Royce & # 34 among espresso machines! {Quote: The Gourmet, Germany’s most famous gourmet magazine} The jury of the prestigious magazine has. SKU: ECMMECHANIKAIV. Ecm Mechanika Iv Espresso Machine Base. Tap to expand. $50 Latte Rewards Bonus. 2 Reviews. Ask a question. Watch 3 Videos. ECM Mechanika spare parts. Capillary tube pump pressure gauge ECM P · 3,95 € · Product Details Inox lever P · 5,90 € · Product Details.

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Using the tool Part 1. Two Weight Balanced and Ergonomically designed one single and one double. About the tool This little gadget while not a precision More information.

More involved maintenance requires case removal, which is moderately time consuming. Lifting the lever starts the pumping of brew water, lowering the lever stops the pump and additionally releases the pressure all psi of it from the group, so you can remove the filter handle safely, the excess water goes into the drip tray when pressure is released. I did not think the 5 hole steam tip would work very well, but it worked superbly, a pleasant surprise.

Furthermore, various technical improvements in the model assure even lower noise performance. This makes servicing easy Very accessible pressurestat that is not too sensitive to adjust. General Data 2 More information. Espresso Machines and Grinders from all the top brands.

Mechanika Profi Due – ECM Commercial Line

About the tool This little gadget while not a precision. Moccamaster 4 Cup Filter Papers. Commissioning includes making the electrical More information.


Prior to drilling into walls, check there are no hidden electrical. Chat with our friendly staff About the tool Part 2.

Also the green power light stays on,so it is not apparent from a distance, or from a casual glance that the machine has switched off the heating element. The Mechanika is a nice machine and definitely holds its own against other similar machines.

Mechanika V Slim – Heat Exchanger System with Vibration Pump

When inhaled in large quantities, nitrous oxide can cause respiratory ailments or in extreme cases, death by suffocation. This review as usual will judge the machine not only on function, but on what would be expected for the price It is a great machine both for the customer to use and the reseller to support and should provide years of reliable service with the minimum of maintenance. The Mechanika comes well packed, in a tough box and with comprehensive documentation covering all aspects of operation, routine maintenance and production of espresso based drinks.

Itho Products for Hot and Boiling water. The brewing process uses.

It s a small job to remove the case and straighten it I suppose, but I shouldn t have to do that. The Mechanika is a meechanika steamer, with nice ball joint mechannika and water wands. U K Overview Unfortunately, this machine cannot be called More information. In fact, it takes a little while to get used to steaming, especially with smaller quantities of milk.

The rating plate, placed on frame of the machine behind the drip tray. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Start display at page:. The Mechanika has been described as the Rolls Royce of espresso machines with a price that reflects this. Be the first to review this product.


Placing the Mechanika in a corner is ideal, especially when located near the sink. Gauge reads normal 10hg to 14hg 1.

Mechanika Profi Due – ECM Manufacture GmbH

mechznika OPV Valve, used to regulate brew pressure Autofill, solenoid valve, 2 position electronically operated valve, routes water to boiler or group, depending on need The picture above identifies the major components of the machine, once the case is removed accessibility for maintenance is good. Page 2 2 Installation. The portafilters have the chrome button in the end that finishes them off nicely, rather mecuanika just leaving a hole. Please read this Instruction Manual and the safety instructions before operating the appliance!

Coffee Brew Water Coffee brew water for the group does not actually come from the water in the boiler, but is pumped directly from the tank through a heat exchanger essentially, a big copper tube that passes through the hot boiler. This was enough to earth the circuit and prevent low water iii from operating.

Getting the best from your urn Standard Deluxe Getting the best from your urn Remove any plastic film from the urn before use.