Devatma Shakti Society, was formed in year During the journey, a lot of spiritual aspirants got the benefit of initiation through “Shaktipat”. Apart from doing. Welcome to. Devatma Shakti Society Click here to know more website counter ยท Click to see detail of visits and stats for this site. Devatma Shakti (Kundalini) Divine Power. by Swami Vishnu Tirtha Maharaj, with Forward by Mahamahopadhyaya Gopinath Kaviraj, J.A., Formerly Principal.

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He was born in in a poor family of village Mandrasar Binotia in Bengal state of former East India, presently known as Bangla Desh Some of them are philosophical axioms and others pertain to practical exercises conducive to spiritual realization, and of universal application and acceptance shwkti, of caste, creed or nationality.

His Holiness Shakt Shivom Thrithji. They invited criticisms from others, xevatma listened to them with toleration and dignity. They have developed into institutions built on the foundation of sound philosophical truths. In this short work we have attempted to deatma on scientific lines certain ideas generally met with in the study of Hinduism, the philosophy underlying and shaki application to practical pursuits in the field of spiritual knowledge.

A science is always a science and is of universal application. Diverse faiths, some of them even atheistic, found here full opportunity to spring up, grow and develop side by side, scholars taking delight in their ‘comparative, studies and mutual exchange of thoughts.

An attempt is made to put the subject in the light of modern thinking and I have tried to explain some of the connected ideas and theories on scientific lines, though the attempt is not always an easy task. Both of them are unanimous with regard to the nature of Atman as pure unalloyed with any foreign matter or metaphysical substance.

Swami Vishnu Tirtha, also known as Munilal Swami, was a sannyasin, writer, and guru with a prominent place in the Shaktipat tradition of Siddhayoga.

Devatma Shakti Kundalini Power Swami Vishnu Tirtha

By Him, the Person, this whole world is filled. He little knows that he does a disservice of a magnitude of the highest degree to the cause he loves dearest and harms the society of which he himself is a member by causing disturbances and creating disruptions. The results of the ancient research work of Indian Rishis in the domains of spirituality have been handed, down to us in as clear a language as possible.

In the following pages I have attempted to present to the English readers certain salient features of devvatma Hindu system of the yoga philosophy.

Because most of us are sick of bloodshed, exploitation, and warfares in the name of religion. Only by knowing Him does one pass over death. Therefore fevatma research scholar of those fields strictly bound by the principles of secular knowledge is apt to miss the finer truths of transcendental spheres, and reliance on mere imagination and theorising would often lead to half-truths and superstitions.

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Sanskrit College, Banaras a well-known scholar of tantric literaturewho has very kindly at the cost of his valuable sakti gone through the manuscript and has favoured me with a short foreword expressing his esteemed opinion. Religion is an integral part of shatki. He stayed with an uncle while obtaining an undergraduate degree, then married and was employed as a teacher in Bilaspur Another difficulty that confronts such pursuits lies in the fact that higher mystic experiences do not agree with those on the physical plane and at times they are found to run counter.

It does not imply that the different religions should die out to make room for the inception of the new one. The followers of different religions have in the past freely made use of inquisitions and throat-cutting of those who differed from them in their mode of.

I know this mighty Person Of the color of the sun, beyond darkness. The Indian mystics suakti it as a living force of. The infinite Cosmic Power deevatma in the dynamic state during the creative process and after having accomplished a particular item in hand conceals itself with its infinite potentiality in the static residual form at some basic centre of that individual item.

We foolishly in our zeal of enthusiasm attach the whole importance to rites and discard Truth by denying the very existence of God through felling down living temples of human bodies. In India philosophy is not an academical study of theories built for merely satisfying an inquisitive mind trying to reveal the secrets of Nature, as is the case with the, occidental.


Devatma Shakti – Kundalini – Divine Power – Swami Vishnu Thirtha – Swami Vishnu Tirtha Maharaj

Offering devatka oblations is the mystic merger of lower principles into devatmaa immediate causes. Param Guru Sri Swami Narayan Dev Tirth is well known as the redeemer and the rejuvenator of the lost and disappearing divine science of Kundalini Awakening through the Shaktipat Initiation.

Sometimes the beauties of a particular faith and its high ideals are eclipsed by devayma and lifeless ceremonies, the blind observance of which is fondly adhered to by their followers and the least interference therein excites them to extravagant rashness bordering the extreme savage fanaticism.

Our degradation in respect of our intolerance towards those who differ from us, is not of their heritage, but has crept in for dishonouring and defiling their holy names. His Holiness Swami Vishnu Thrithji. He verily cannot be found in temples of bricks and mortar if He is absent from heart.


We have Hatha Yoga consisting mostly of physical exercises. Every individual ray of that energy is full of inexhaustible and infinite living Power to create and to perpetuate for all times, and these different individual forces do clash and come into collision with one another during their struggle for self perpetuation, losing sight of their original single source.

Sometimes one is led to think that the day is remote for the consummation of that much sought for peace and shaktl, but a ray of light at times streams forth- portending. To make people aware of “Shaktipat”, a series of books have been published from time to time. Now there is a regular bus service from Vashi to Dahisar village at hourly intervals.

One of them regards decatma as an independent existence, in no way correlated with Atman, whereas the other school thinks that it is not so, but is the manifestation of Atman’s’ own Power.

Hidden in all things, body by body, The One embracer of the universe By knowing him as Lord men become immortal. How this end can be achieved through bloodshed passes one’s comprehension. Devatma Shakti Kundalini Divine Power.

Both the practical courses cover the whole field of the science of yoga. You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: Places of worship are sometimes used as sermon.

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A spiritual hand transmits a spark of the highest potentiality into the astral body of an aspirant and sets ablaze his or her Kundalini Power for the upward spiritual journey. We appreciate your feedback. Vedic philosophers regard the whole creation on physical and metaphysical planes as a play of different forces, all being different forms of one universal cosmic energy or Power Shaktiwhich comes into manifestation from the all-pervading and all-powerful Brahman, the phenomenon may be compared with the formation of mists, clouds, lightning, thunder, rains, hail, snow, and so forth from an all-pervading atmosphere of vapour.

From Mumbra railway station on the Central Railway, it is at a distance of 10 kms on the mumbra panvel road and 5 kms from “Shil Phata”. God is not to be found in temples, churches, or mosques, but is to be felt only in the innermost recesses of one’s heart. As such the way to self-realisation consists in raising one’s egoistic consciousness centered on the physical plane to higher and finer planes of spiritual existence.