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Amateur radio operators can be easily received as the radio has a BFO control to resolve SSB transmissions and excellent sensitivity. Radio works perfectly otherwise and can be tuned by direct frequency entry.

Degen DE Review of the radio-receiver.

As for as sensitivity, selectivity, spurious and image rejection, the DE dehen a great deal. Should I stay in between and go for a PL? The receiver has continuous coverage indeed, however while tuning with the jog dial you will eventually be trapped in one of the simulated radio bands, for example in the 49 meter band from kHz to kHz. I tuned around the mediumwave band and picked up all of the local benchmark stations. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review.

Also, RP-M62’s AGC is not as agressive as is on more modern models, and in some cases it keeps noise floor very low deegen increases audio quality immensely. It is my only dual conversion analog receiver. Basic frequency input can be accomplished by inputting a frequency using the row of buttons along the bottom of the display followed by one of the two BAND buttons. The big advantage is that RF performance is fantastic for a radio of this size and price.

A fantastic, fun little receiver with outstanding value overall. Memory presets are indexed in hexadecimal.

Pressing TIME is the preferred way to go, as it does not change anything currently set up. I’ve also read about others ee1103 the same problem on this and other Chinese portables. Another method is to use one of the memories. The display is in two parts with a digital display of the frequency at the top and a slide-rule type electronic display underneath, which reminiscent of the linear dials on the old analog radios.


Degen 1103

I took the Degen DE outside, sat it on the tailgate of my truck and put it on the air… I tuned around the mediumwave band and picked up all of the local benchmark stations. Tuning “past 0 khz” will display something like kHz on the display Sensitivity is not everything FM reception is very good.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Regarding the faux analog dial, I kinda like it and don’t mind the odd volume control either. I only use the DX connected to an external antenna, and to my surprise DE’s performance is way better, with lower floor noise and better sensitivity. I recieved mine 3 days ago. I understand now—I thought you had a DSP version and that you liked it even though you initially had reservations.

This is one of the major cons of this receiver. Our advertisers are by invite only and are only radio related–no junk ads here! I guess I was not very clear whether about the right DE version on my post.

Degen had quality control issues, too: To tune across the 10MHz band you will need to input KHz and tune from there. If you try to tune it, the displayed frequency goes backwards or jumps around making it nigh-on impossible to manually band-scan.

Memories store the frequency and mode. The only problems I’ve had with this is that I managed to break some wires on the rotary encoder from taking the case apart one to many times while fitting mods IF stage shielding, experimenting with different filters etc.

One thing I like about it is that you benfit of using the large tuning dial rather than a fiddly recessed control. He decided that he would sell this DE and gave me first dibs, so I bit the bullet. But a note of caution for people looking to buy the newer model newer from about It boasts a big orange-illuminated display almost as big as the speaker insidehowever the overall look is kept simple, with emphasis to recreate the old analog tuning feel: Some revisions have a warbly SSB reception when the unit is shaken while on.


The slide rule display only only covers specific sections of the HF spectrum and if you reach the end frequency on any sub-band you will automatically go back to the opposite end of that band. It comes with mains adaptor, deegn rechargeable batteries, soft pouch type case, longwire plug in aerial, headphones with volume control, carry strap and english manual. Tuning past kHz will return you back to kHz and vice-versa, to overcome this barrier, you have to direct enter a frequency 1 kHz higher or lower than you want to go and tune forwards or backwards with the jog dial for example kHz or kHzyou can also save these “escape frequencies” to memory as I did.

Please note that the desired volume level can be set directly with the keypad, too. The bang-for-buck factor on this little portable is truly off the scale!

The receiver is also exported to the U. When I discovered that Degen had recently refreshed the receiver design of the DEI was intrigued, to say the least. Just an update, after 3 years with this powerfull little guy, it is being my trip partner to Italy, UK, France, Spain and Chile, still operating flawless, looking like a new one.

This is probably due to the tight filtering of the receiver. This is Dde1103 Great Little Radio!!!! However, some manufacturers are starting to realize it, and trying to rectify the problem. Sound quality is good.

The DE certainly sounds nicer through the built-in speaker than the Sony, but the Sonys are much better built, have a pretty good implementation of selectable-sideband synchronous detection and last much longer than these Chinese made radios in my experience.

I have gotten use to this feature. On arrival I was surprised at just how small this radio is, truly portable.