Brothers of the Snake is a novel by Dan Abnett composed of seven short stories featuring the Damocles Squad of the Iron Snakes Space Marine Chapter. Iron Snakes . in Know No Fear by Dan Abnett; the insignia of Damocles’ company, the 6th, is a white figure-eight serpent, similar to the Iron. Brothers of the Snake Type Novel Series Iron Snakes Author Dan Abnett Publisher The Black Library Binding Hardcover Released June 26 Pages

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I was abnet between 3 and 4 stars and went with 4 since my copy is signed by Dan Abnett. However they must alter their mission and destroy the deposit rather than liberate it, once they realise a Chaos snqke is buried deep inside the oil. The fact that abbnett Iron Snakes aren’t an “established” chapter such as the Blood Angels, Space Wolves or Ultramarines gives him free reign to create a rich history and tradition for brothhers, and to kf the characters.

Still, they don’t go falling in love or anything outrageous like that; there are limits. Trivia About Brothers of the S Amongst the battles fought in that Crusade were: Other books in the series. Originally posted at http: It follows on from the chapter’s prominent appearance in Abnett’s sourcebook Tactica Imperialis.

This a brilliant one off Space Marine novel with epic action abnett timeless characters. However, through the guidance of Librarian Petrokthe Iron Snakes were able to discover that the Dark Eldar had lured the Orks into the Reef Stars by planting the suggestion that a relic sacred to the Orks was there. Brothers of the Snake is still a classic with good reason, but there’s no denying that the lessons it laid down have become so commonplace they can easily be taken for granted.

Khiron is vindicated, and Damocles squad rushes out to the sea abneyt Ithaka to save Khiron from his death sentence, and Damocles is returned to full strength again. The depiction abntt the Astartes, and the chapter itself. Abnett is the most consistent of writers, delivering book after book of carefully plotted, well characterised, SF military mayhem.


Everything from Inquisitors to Imperial nobility displays a distance through a number of narrative means. However the whole of the book – the circularity of journey redeems this. While Damocles is undergoing punishment of a month of hard training, Librarian Petrok has dreams of Seydon’s force in danger and sets about building a relief force with Damocles squad at its head. Priad of Damocles squad, one of the Iron Snakes of Ithakais sworn to defend the Reef Stars from all threats and to perform this duty with honour and steadfastness above all else.

It is evident at many points that the members of Damocles Squad are a world apart from humanity, and their constant training, rituals and focus on combat dominate their lives. Dan Abnett finally tackles the core of the warhammer 40k universe the Adeptus Astartes – the genetic supermen of the Imperium.

A particular problem is how the final crisis in question is very, very loosely linked to the initial story, but there is no narrative thread or suggested connection between the start and finish. The Iron Snakes definitely deserve more stories devoted to them. A Daemon withdraws from the flaming body, and Priad, witnessed by all, incinerates it. Though a genetically-enhanced super-human, Priad’s trials are still very human, as he succeeds to command of his squad in the middle of a battle and later must find recruits to fill the new holes in his command and weld them into a firm unit with his veterans.

His unwavering sense of honour and selflessness is very reminiscent of the Ultramarines.

That gives Abnett abit of creative freedom to tackle the mythologies and attitudes of the chapter without an expectation from the reader about how they ‘should be’ portrayed. What is also compelling borthers that Warhammer 40k is often an endless barrage of gut-splattering violence and savage war cries and while Brothers of the Snake has od of this, the author does his best to balance it out with quieter and more thoughtful passages often on the part of the main character, Petrok.

Somewhere between pages 50 and 75, I stopped laughing. I have read some other books depicting Space Marines and they are apart from Humans During the journey, Petrok becomes sick and lapses into a coma, but contacts Priad in his dreams, having unraveled the mystery: Dwn in the capital city, Antoni is taken aback to learn that Priad is ranked an “ordinary” Battle-Brother.


His immense ability to weave a story and create a culture and chapter from nothing just stuns me. The book has the feel of Warhammer coupled with the tale of Ulysses, with Priad and his men plying the void of the Reef Stars for decades snakd a time before returning to Ithaka for refit and reinforcement.

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This allows it to do more than focus on a single battlefield, and gives more of a general impression of the overall duties of a space marine chapter. The series also includes works by other Black Library authors. The Abnettt Snakes are a friendly bunch as far as Space Marines go, with the protagonist being quite patient with the many questions asked by the first planet’s bureaucrats.

The experimental style of writing the book was something which would be better refined with later tales, and as such at least some of this can be put down to adjusting to writing superhuman Knights Templar.

The way he bcomes a sergeant too quick. What I love about these stories is that even though they’re only short stories, they are filled to the brim with action. This is dwn further hindered by the fact that most of the characters in question are relatively flat.

This article needs work on its citations.

An awesome story arch and timeless characters, if you have never picked up a Warhammer 40, book before in your life I highly recommend this one.

I’ve always been fascinated by the selection and training processes of the Space Marines.

Brothers of the Snake (Novel)

He adjusts to the role of leader a little too easily, and learns his lessons as just part of the overall events rather than having any distinct turning point. And it works very well. Warhammer 40, 1 – 10 of books.