Dr. SUSAN ELIAS. CS. CS OPERATING SYSTEMS LAB. Mr. R. RAMAKRISHNAN. CS. CS WEB TECHNOLOGY LAB. Ms. V. RAJALAKSHMI. Download file Free Book PDF Lab Manual For Web Technology at. Complete PDF Cs Web Technology Lab Manual WordPress com. online Anna University Lab Manual For Web Technology file PDF Book LAB MANUAL REGULATION Cs Web Technology Lab.

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This is the name of a MIDlet that is to be created. The Display class hierarchy is shown below: The advantage of the WML language is the fact that, since it is a subset of XML, developer’s can easily kill two birds with one stone by building both the web page and wireless device page simultaneously. The WML coder determines within the code what parts of the web page are viewable to the device, and what is not.

Cs Web Technology Lab Manual – Free Download PDF

For example, it would not be too advantageous for a x60 pixel banner to be loaded into the small screen of a WAP device, due to size, color and bandwidth restraints. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Required data fields are initialized. Execute the program in Internet Manuall. The profile layer defines the minimum set of application programming interfaces APIs available on a particular family of devices. To develop a webpage to enter techjology student profiles.

Cs9228 Web Technology Lab Manual

Print out the data Coding employees. In the name field,ensure that it should allow only the capital letters. Allow the age field size should be two and only be the numbers. Many people predict that, over the next few years, WAP sites will become extremely popular and e-commerce over mobile phones will be widely available The main sites which will benefit from WAP are ones providing a service like e-mail, live sports scores or a calendar service etc. It is our privillege Start the program Step2: There are two types of images that can be displayed.


Nunc feugiat cursus lorem. An instance of a ChoiceGrioup class can be of two types: This layer is an implementation of a Java Virtual Machine that is customized for a particular device’s host operating system and supports a particular J2ME configuration.

While this is still possible with HDML code, it is certainly not as obvious and workarounds must be introduced Why Should we use WML Although you might not have any plans immediately for creating a WAP version of your site, it is always a good idea to get involved in new technology.

Mobile Computing Lab Manual for Final Information Technology – VII Semester – [DOC Document]

Traverse technolgy the tuples in the table Step6: To create a calculator web appliction using php. Employee Details – Name: An exclusive instance appears as a set of radio buttons and a multiple instance contains set of check boxes.

Icon s associated with MIDlets7 are immutable. Check that the password field contains only the 8 characters.

We need your help! An immutable image can be drawn on the screen as well as on Canvas.

In the snooze function set the date field and commands are assigned for snooze, reset and exit 4. Each MIDlet has a one instance of the Display class, and the Display class has a one derived class called ‘displayable’. Destroy appends is also called allocate and reallocate and notify the destroyed function.


Design a personal technplogy book containing the name, phone no.

Html registration Enter Id: Profile consists of classes that enable developers to implements features found n a related group of small computing devices.

Thus the servlet program has been created and validated successfully. Creating a Radio buttons: Create an employee value object and add it to the list.

Mobile Computing Lab Manual for Final Information Technology – VII Semester

Java Virtual Machine layer: Select Edit suite from the popup menu. Thus the web page for student profile has been developed and validated successfully. Using form and input type tag create various buttons, textbox, radio button etc.

A MIDlet class must contain three abstract methods that are called by application manager. Thus the program for implementing the calculator in mobile was successfully executed and verified.

Import the package word for the application 2. In the name field, ensure that it should allow only the capital letters. Get the context text at Servlet at text html.