From this, the machine produces enough energy to drive a 2,Watts circular saw Directory:Chas Campbell Generator:Disproved – Two free energy scientists. Note: This page is still conjecture and should not be considered a full scientific proof that the Campbell generator does not work as claimed. Two free energy. 12 Sep Enhancing the Chas Campbell Electricity Magnifier. 9. .. The First Generation Cosmic Energy Electricity Generator was the machine from Mr.

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Let me explain the overall system. The battery is recharged directly by the main generator 2 which is driven by the motor 1. Chas Campbell – Clean Free Power – Video produced by Chas Campbell shows large gravity wheel turning, as an alleged input energy source for his generator system and all the appliances it powers simultanously.

Faramir How to make simple gravity motor? The genertaor inch mountain bike tire is ISO — corresponding to an outside diameter of about Will be uploading my version soon. The large version built by Jim Watson had an excess power output of many kilowatts, due to the very large size and weight of its flywheel. When you first linked to the Directory: From this, the machine produces enough energy to drive a 2,Watts circular saw, a drill, a campgell of lights and a fan.

The Government, Corporations, Science, Patent Office s around the world and many others know all about what they are capable of. Considering the low level of technology at that time, there would appear to be very little scope for that demonstration to be a fake.

Other applications for this system are in the field of energy supply, i. Chas Campbell of Australia demonstrated electrical power gain with a flywheel system which he developed:.

I’m in the second group. Annabella Milano How to build a flywheel generator? It was also admitted that the big gravity wheel “shutters to a stop” and does not self run at this point. Not exactly an ideal situation for the rest of us. Unlike the battery, the flywheel can also store and discharge all that energy rapidly without being damaged, meaning it can charge up to full capacity within minutes instead of hours and deliver up to one hundred times more power than a conventional battery.

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Geremia How to makefree electricity by using flywheel? Originally Posted by petio My first impression was hopeful, but now I am having my doubts.

Chas has invented a mechanical device which takes the gravitational energy of Earth and transforms it into kinetic energy. Schematically, the arrangement was like this: These models are good for Prof Of Concept and limited primary usage. While these discs may well not have been placed there as flywheels, nevertheless, they do act as flywheels, and each one of them will be contributing to the free-energy gain of the system as a whole.

The auxiliary generators are responsible for supplying backup power and can use propellers or be in the form of a turbine operating by the action of the wind or by gears attached to a flywheel placed in the traction motor.

Learn how your comment data is processed. You need a capacitor gang switch box to select various values added together parallel.

Chas Chambell Free Energy Generator

Planetary gears solve the following problem. Kaj Lassila How to increase gravity by flywheel to use 1 hp motor? It’s in post and pasted here. The main generator 2 will be therefore connected electrically to the battery 4 and mechanically to the motor 1.

The Chas Campbell System. Here is an attempted translation of the patent:. Alisha Moore How to calculate the size of flywheel for free power generator? Email required Address never made public. How can that be?

chas campbell free energy generator

About half of the people in the forum believe more testing should be done, and the other half believe the system has failed to show an energy gain.


The arrangement was like this: Next Post Harnessing volt for free.

Here, the sensor generates a signal every time that one of the permanent magnets embedded in the rotor passes it. The rotation speed is said to fluctuate up and down, as the motion switches back and forth from kinetic to overbalance. The applicant for the present generatkr has designed an self-contained energy regeneration system, capable of producing its own operating energy in addition to generating a surplus which can be used in electrical networks using voltage converters required for any electrical installation, whether in homes, offices, campvell etc.

However, this stream of very short pulses in the drive chain, generates a considerable amount of excess energy drawn from the gravitational field. It can go provide direct mechanical power by using pulleys and belts, gears or any other means. Chas Campbell does, is a particularly efficient way of leading-out excess gravitational energy.

From China To Death Valley! The function of the charge controller is to prevent the battery becoming overcharged. Of course he did it! Copyright – energyscienceforum. At John’s web site http: The drive impulses can be from a DC motor fed vampbell electrical pulses, perhaps via a standard “DC motor speed controller” or using electrical pulses to drive a series of permanent magnets spaced out around cha edge of a circular rotor.

Gfnerator energy increases as the diameter of the flywheel increases. In the case of this video he uses a power drill to begin cajpbell then other physics are involved within the generator and allow it to have that electrical output without anymore additional energy.

Mark Anthony Dansie wrote:.