From this, the machine produces enough energy to drive a 2,Watts circular saw Directory:Chas Campbell Generator:Disproved – Two free energy scientists. Note: This page is still conjecture and should not be considered a full scientific proof that the Campbell generator does not work as claimed. Two free energy. 12 Sep Enhancing the Chas Campbell Electricity Magnifier. 9. .. The First Generation Cosmic Energy Electricity Generator was the machine from Mr.

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However, Bessler acted in the same way as most inventors, and demanded that somebody would have to pay him a very large amount of money for the secret of how his gravity wheel worked. Old Indian Gravity Wheel – This gravity wheel is composed of metal balls inside slants within wood, which keep the wheel off-balance, apparently resulting in rotation on its axle.

Lasted edited by Andrew Munseyupdated on June 15, at 1: As drawn, there is a major difference in those diameters.

The turning force d times W is called the “torque”, and if we alter the arrangement by placing unequal weights on the plank, then the beam will campbeell over in the direction of the heavier side:. Alisha Moore How to calculate the size of flywheel for free power generator? Flywheels have been used for hundreds of years to power machinery. Genfrator generator produces electric current that drives the motorwhile the motor produces spinning.

Jacob has analysed the operation and he draws attention to a key design factor:. His construction was shaky, but in spite of that, it powered itself and other equipment. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. When you first linked to the Directory: The function of the speed controller is to control chaz speed of the fres motor. Part of the electrical output can be used to provide a stabilised power supply to enerty the drive for the flywheel.

It also distributes any surplus power as a direct feed to the generator 2 and the drive motor 1 when it needs additional current. Firstly, there needs to be a suitable flywheel with as large a diameter as is practical, say 4 feet or 1.


The Chas Campbell System. At least, nothing has been proved. I have reviewed the new Chas Campbell film showing his “gravity wheel” prototype.

The applicant for the present patent has designed an self-contained energy regeneration system, capable of producing its own operating energy in addition to generating a surplus which can be used in electrical networks using voltage enregy required for any electrical installation, whether in homes, offices, warehouses etc. The following sketch shows a possible arrangement for this concept:.

Bedini Gravity Field Generator. When two flywheels aboard a satellite spin in opposite directions at equal speeds, the satellite will maintain its attitude; when energy is transferred between the dree to speed one and slow the other, the satellite will rotate.

He says at V, now you are talking some real reasons to do this. Chss, about two weeks ago, I got interested in it. It also increases, the faster the impulses are applied to the system.

Global warming is a huge problem which will significantly affect every country in the world.

How to Build Chas Campbell’s Gravitational Engine

These generators also powered additional equipment and Mr Wilson pointed out that three or more generators could be run by the system, giving a substantial level of excess electrical power. This unit was built greeand if anyone decides to attempt a replication, then I suggest that the rim of the wooden disc is grooved to take the belt rather than relying on nails. The time now is At VAC he can get 90 Watts free. From China To Death Valley!

Chas Chambell Free Energy Generator

The battery 4 is electrically connected to the motor 1 through the speed controller 6which is fed from the main generator 2 by the load distribution controller 5. Its job is to generattor the current draw from the battery 4to prevent excessive current draw. At John’s web site http: If you had to use gears in place of the belt, it would be a lot harder! Any ordinary DC motor driven by a low-rate DC motor “speed controller” would also work in this situation, as it will generate a stream of impulses which are transmitted to the flywheel.


Understanding the concept of the gear ratio is easy if you understand the concept of the circumference of a circle. Chas has invented a mechanical device which takes the gravitational energy of Earth and transforms it into kinetic energy.

Chas Chambell Free Energy Generator – freenergy

Screen shot from Ten News coverage. The large version built by Jim Watson had an excess power output of many kilowatts, due to the very large size and weight of its flywheel. Solar Panel Basics Global warming is a huge problem which will significantly affect every country in the world.

You need a capacitor gang switch box to select various values added together parallel. The speed regulator 6is campbe,l to regulate the speed of the motor 1this adjustment is gradual, and is adjusted to match the intended use of the system.

Wheel Gravity Generator – Free Energy Devices – Free Energy Planet

You notice that not only does he have a heavy flywheel of a fair size, but that there are three or four other large diameter discs mounted where they also rotate at the intermediate speeds of rotation.

In an almost forgotten piece of transportation history, the flywheel-driven vehicle was briefly a reality.

One way to create that ratio is with the following three-gear train:. These auxiliary generators 3 provide reserve power for the system. Also your showing all the belts under tension this is wrong, so the device you showing in the nicely illustrated drawing will not work they need to slip somewhat, acting like a clutch.

Jacob has analysed the operation and he draws attention to a key design factor:. The Bedini Pulsed Flywheel.