, Edition Centrifugal and Axial THEORY, s New York * London * Sydney Flow Pumps DESIGN, AND APPLICATION A. J. Stepanoff, Ph.D. Melville Medalist. Centrifugal and Axial Flow Pumps has 14 ratings and 1 review. Since the first edition was published, the application of centrifugal pumps has been extend. Centrifugal and Axial Flow Pumps by A.J. Stepanoff, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Centrifugal and Axial Flow Pumps: Theory, Design, and Application

Using velocities fror such velocity triangles leads to a considerably higher head than th input head. From an arbitrary point A on the circle of the impeller out- side diameter, draw one line AM pumls an angle 0 2 to the radius AC.

Trivia About Centrifugal and A Mismatched channel etepanoff contraction. This occurs usually at pump capacities exceeding the normal capacity. To avoid confusion of lines it may be advisable to separate the views of the front and back sides of the vane by showing the front side of one vane and back side of the next vane, Fig.

The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. In a volute the maximum velocity is at the impeller periphery but is not uniform across the width of the impeller. There are a number of Reynolds numbers that can be assigned to a given pump, depending on syepanoff channel and which section of a given channel are taken for calculation of velocity and characteristic length for the Reyn- olds number.

Higher specific speed results in a smaller pump and cheaper drivers. Thus the pump designer is left to his own resources in filling the gap between flos straight radial and straight axial impeller types.

To provide the necessary entrance area a larger eye diameter is required. MA will be the radius of the arc to give an angle 0 2 at discharge and an angle 0i at entrance. The head and capacity reduction calculated on the basis of outside diameter ratios is not reliable. Note that low entrance anf lead to the low entrance angles. On the other hand, exceeding the above upper limits leads to a sstepanoff of efficiency of a point or two, which was proved by special experiments.


Mechanical losses include loss of power in bearings and stuffing boxe and the disk friction. In the left leg, liquid is in rotation.

Dangerous Years David W. This is equal to the mass of liquid just entering the channel in the same interval of time dt, as represented by edgh. Thus the difference in the head at normal and backward rotation is caused by the casing, the impeller behavior being quite nor- mal in both cases. Energy and hydraulic gradients. Turbochargers Hp49 Hugh MacInnes.

This is used by engineers for the comparison of performance of centrifugal pumps. The direction of line DA can be determined by locating one point this line.

The eddy losses follow laws dif- ferent from those followed by friction losses. To make possible a radial outward flow against higher pressures the energy gradient must be below the forced vortex pressure parab- oloid Fig. Lists with This Book. With small pumps of six or eight stages this becomes a problem. Hydraulic and energy gradients along impeller ap]froach.

The degree of perfe tion of a design is measured by the value of the pump hydraulic efficienc; The impeller profile and vane layout is possible if the following el ments are known: In each plane the diffusion steanoff must be kept within permissible limits. These entrance velocities should be considered as normal.

After half a revolution the same particle will have its arrow pointing toward the center, and after a complete revolution the arrow again will be pointing away from the center.

Gas Turbine Theory G. Advanced Search Find a Library. In an efficient diffusion casing, this equalization of pressure occurs without mixing of streamlines, as demonstrated with axial blowers by admitting smoke and sparks into the suction. Besides this there are a number of partial effi- ciencies used by designers and experts; these describe only one phase of pump performance— hydraulic, mechanical, volumetric— and are of no interest to the users of pumps but are important in the study of pump performance and will be defined in a later chapter.


Then line DA will represent the input head-capacity curve for this particular pump. The intersections of the flow lines, stepanotf the radial sections for both front and back of the vane, are plotted on the elevation view from the plan centrifugal anc axial flow pumps view, Fig. At a still greater capacity, c u2o becomes negative. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

This question becomes important and will be further elaborated in the dis- cussion of pumping solids in suspension with centrifugal pumps in Chapter 4Art.

The head varies directly as the square of the diameter ratio, capacity varies directly as diameter ratio, and brake horsepower varies directly as the cube of the tlow diameter ratio. Centrifugal pumps developing psi are used for operation of hydraulic presses.

Centrifugal and Axial Flow Pumps : A.J. Stepanoff :

In Europe there are examples of large single-stage pumps with diffusion vane casings. The intersection of the plane with the surface of the shroud will form a number of parallel circle! The base circle is used for drawing the volute lay– out, and the cut-water diameter D V fixed by the base circle diameter, determines the physical limitations stepxnoff the maximum impeller diameter.

The discharge velocity Fig. In an axial flow pump, liquid approaches the impeller axially and the forward component of velocity through the Snpeller is parallel to the shaft axis.