CATALOG-GUIDE Aluminum Panniers + Equipment Soft Luggage Touratech BMW R GS AIR COOLED () R GS ADV AIR COOLED (). Offroad with BMW RGS HP and Honda Adventure Sports in Tuscany. The whole story is available in the new Touratech catalog from mid-January So it is already for the third time that Touratech has won in the luggage The coveted prizes were awarded last night at the “Motorräder Dortmund ” fair.

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Based on their de- sign drawings, sketches and paper models, a clay model was produced, which was then used to jointly define proportions and surfaces.

All the necessary fitting materials are included. Furthermore, the adjustment range of the load compensation for luggage weight remains fully intact.

In addition, it features an integral, fused on-board socket. Highly recommended when riding off-road. The unique design of the 4 mm thick aluminium part guarantees effective protection, high sta- bility and gives your GS a sporty, modern look. Under most riding conditions, the shock absorber is comfortably ad- justed for a catallogo strenuous ride, before the PDS kicks in for the last portion of the shock absorber stroke.

With our beautiful, rugged cover your boots will no longer get stuck. Unlike rubber gaiter fork boots, these guards do not block cooling air to the radia- tors.

Best Brand Awards: Huge Success for Touratech

On the lid are four top loops for attachment the luggage. As part of the Pelzer Swiss Holding AG, Touratech is now well positioned, with innovative products, to continue as a trendsetter in the motorcycle and travel scene. The manifold cover is made of high grade steel. And yet there are no disadvantages or restrictions in normal every day use.


Best Brand Awards: Huge Success for Touratech

In addition, the middle section of the easy-to-install Desierto IV fairing is available separately, since it can be combined with the original screen for the R GS and also functions as a headlight bezel. The large zip offers easy access to the contents.

Touratech have attached great importance to its robustness and 2102. After riding your bike along rocky, bumpy off-road tracks, you just want to stop for a rest.

AC-Schnitzer brake lever, adjustable The right response in all situations! For all those who want to enjoy that lowe- red feeling while still maintaining their stability and safety, we now offer a lowering kit for the BMW F GS as of model year Can be fitted with the Touratech aluminium cylinder guard item no.

Even fully laden with luggage under the most extreme off-road conditions, the bike will not bottom out and the shock absorber is protected against mechani- cal overload.

Our GPS brackets all fit perfectly on its mm brace. To provide the greatest possible flexibility, we made sure that these tank side bags can be attached both with and without our tank bags. This Closed Cartridge is been developed perfectly for touring and riding with frequent and strongly differing loads and riding conditions or extreme requirements.

The fog headlight can be fitted as a single light, or in a pair. Sticky and crumpled underclothing is now effectively a thing of the past. Thus, our seat largely mi- nimises marks on your thighs caused by wrong padding or seams in the wrong places.

A high quality brand lock secures the spoiler against unauthorised removal. The rouratech justment range of the handlebar angle is increased, which further increases rider comfort.

Triumph Tiger XC p. It comes with all of the attachment materials that are required, including the special spacers. Made of stainless steel tourattech all the necessary attachments and detailed fitting instructions.


Putting an end to expensive repairs or even breakdowns caused by radiator problems. The handlebar middle strut is made of high quality, specially adapted aluminium parts, and is simply screwed on later. The high-strength cushioning protects your posterior – really effectively.

The seat construction is based on an open-pored foam cata,ogo with a spacer fabric around the seat to allow air to flow more easily through the ultra strong, elastic, waterproof textile cover. During the development work we paid great attention to absolute functionality, harmonious design and unlimited freedom for the rider.

Touratech Catalog

Two strong straps fasten the bag to the rack. This prevents accidental actu- ation of the turn catalofo or horn when turning the handlebar.

Existing fairing bolts are used for fitting. These motorway pegs are additional folding foot touratehc that let you stretch out your legs into a more comfortable position while riding.

The increase in windscreen height is approx.

Dakar 2012: Touratech USA sponsors Jonah Street

The shocks have been succesfully tested on durability 4 times stricter than the original BMW standards. The bag is secured with a plastic clip and two Velcro straps.

As the sump guard plate is bent upwards, it prevents sand and dirt from penetrating the space between the engine and the gearbox, so it Protects the crankshaft seal from dirt and increases its life catslogo.

Significantly increases touring comfort. It features PDS, which utilises a second damping piston to provide hydraulic protection against bottoming out.

Two crossbars take the lateral forces.