from the back of the book Darker Shade of Adventure A Gothic Castle Scenario for 10th and 11th Level Characters The family Stross ruled the city and province. Review: Castle Shadowcrag. I am happy to point you to a recent review of the previous Open Design project, by Crothian on ENWorld. Thanks again to all the. The Return to Castle Shadowcrag is happening as an add-on (it was not a funded stretch goal, alas). So, very likely. We did hit the Shadows of.

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Link Reply Parent Thread. Re-Launch of old campaign worlds? One thing I noticed was that the stat blocks are inconsistent.

Castle Shadowcrag by Wolfgang Baur OOP Open Design d20 | #

If you are, don’t worry. This is not JUST an adventure, but like some of the more fondly remembered ones, introduces new gaming bits that can go beyond the adventure. I’ll stop rambling now The creatures always promised power and glory to those who would only listen, and the boy heard, listened, and obeyed the dark shadow fey.

But yes, I’m trying to keep the overall number of copies distributed fairly low, and will stop offering Shadowcrag sometime, most csatle when Empire is completed. In terms of New Monsters, they may not be new to everyone.


There are several up close maps of the castle and other adventuring environments.

How big is the file? Things like that have worth beyond the adventure. Learn More I supported becauseā€¦ “this is where all my herd nomies hang out. Any first timers here? The boy heard, and listened, and obeyed the dark shadow fey.

Starfinder and IZ are both tempting us sorely, of course, but even if we wanted to bend our direction, we’d probably wait until AFTER shipping Midgard.

Castle Shadowcrag

Steve on June 28, Delays happen and I honestly didn’t expect to see this project until January. Do what you have to do to make it awesome. I’m actually between gigs at the moment, save for the editing pass on the novel. Shhadowcrag are going to push to make up the time, but we had to be honest about slipping on some of our milestones.

That’s where my alternate address is, in fact. The book is broken into four parts. Having adobe myself, I removed the pages and printed it out on the old double sided Castlr printer. Thank you for your understanding!


Castle Shadowcrag by Wolfgang Baur OOP Open Design d20

Why do I need to login to see this item? Thank you for this excellent update.

If it’s larger than a meg or so, I’ve got an alternate address I’d prefer you use. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. Then the castle was sacked in a peasant revolt, the family was hanged, and their name was erased from the histories. But whatever, deliver when it’s ready and once you feel it’s the best product you shadwocrag put out!

That’s just my 2 cents. Having heard about the new adventure upcoming, I half-jokingly said that Wolfgang needed to send shadowvrag staff reviewers a copy of his latest and behold, it was sent. Was there something else I was supposed to do, or some link I needed to follow? Thursday, 16th October, This copy is clean and like new.

Hey, I’ve got a question for ya. It’s about 4 MB.