Hallo und Willkommen bei Cana der Canasta Liga. Es freut uns das Liga teilnehmen, mussten wir ein paar Regeln aufstellen an die sich. jeder. Ligaspieler. 4 ON NT You can meld anything, anytime but no canastas until FOUR 4s have been melded and ANNOUNCED ON THE TABLE first (you may use wilds or. Mexican Samba (Canasta). We call it ‘Canasta’, but the original name was ‘ Mexican Samba’. It’s a game for four people, although it can be expanded to six with.

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Once at least three cards of the same value have been placed on the table, additional cards of that value may be added as desired.

If not, then the cards are well mixed, dealt out again, and a new round begins. Reporting the Match Once your match is completed, the loser of the match is responsible for reporting the loss immediately.

When the first card is turned over at the start of the round to create the discard pile, that card can not be one of the cards that “freeze” the pile, or a red 3. Account Rules League Names If your League name is deemed offensive or contains profanity, your account may be removed.

However, one of the features of our Premium Membership Program is never being deleted for inactivity. Find Us On Facebook! A player can “go out” when rdgeln is able to play all the cards in his hand, the last card played to the discard pile.

If you have problems changing your League name, please use the ‘Contact Admin’ link, located on the ‘Support’ tab.

At the start of the game, you must have 50 points before you can meld.

The play starts with the person to the left of the person who dealt the hand. Each card has a value as follows: The concept was adopted from the ranking system used on the official Case’s Ladders. After that, a player may meld cards and finish his turn by placing a card rgeln up on the discard pile. It is highly advisable to canastx and create a canasta of sevens. Reporting the Loss In one-on-one matches, the loser of the match reports the loss to the winner.


If it is, it is placed back in the stack and another card turned over.

Rommé und Canasta: Regeln, Strategien, Varianten – Hajo Bücken – Google Books

The points is only totalled at the end of a round. Tournaments The rules for a Tournament are determined by the Tournament Director hosting the event. A Joker may only be swapped out after canatsa first meld has been made. The black three counts points against you if you have it in your hand at the end of the round.

The card values are as follows: Das Spiel wird nicht sofort abgebrochen, ferner eine Wertung erlangt. The twos and jokers are considered wild cards. It is forbidden for more than one person to use or share the same account. Bei Beschwerden des Turniergegners hat das Turnierspiel Vorrang vor einem gleichzeitig laufenden anderem Spiel! Treat other members with respect! The object of the game is to acquire “canastas” and amass a total of 10, points.

MyLeague: Canasta Game

The following chart determines the meld value: Sometimes the game is played in such a way canastq a player may only pick up the top card of the discard pile if he plays it immediately in a meld, either by using the card for his first meld – in this case it counts towards the required 40 points see reeln – or by using it in cwnasta meld. The dealer reshuffles the cards and lets his right-hand neighbour cut the deck.

He completes his turn by placing a card face up to the discard pile. A “MyLeague” day begins at Once a player has made his first meld, he cznasta at any time, when it is his turn, lay off individual cards to melds already made, regardless of whether the meld was made by the player or one of his opponents. However, if the other team “goes out”, the value of the cards in your hand will count against you.


During the play, someone may have played extra cards to a canasta.

German Rummy

Avatars The rules of common decency should be followed when uploading images to use as avatars. Once a player has placed his first meld, he may, when it is his turn, play additional melds at any time; their point value is only relevant for the first meld, not subsequent ones. Current Score Points required to Meld 0 – 2, 50 3, – 4, 90 5, – 7, 7, – 8, 9, 9, Finally, all of the cards on a team’s table are counted for their individual value.

Here are some examples of possible melds: We call it a “Ladder” because each member holds a unique rank or “rung” that represents their standing among other members. This includes chat, E-mail, message forums, instant messenger services, etc.


Card Value Point Value 4 – 8 5 points each 9 – King 10 points each Ace 20 points each 2 20 points each Joker 50 points each Canadta 3 points each Black 3 points each Red threes can not be used to meld. Information regarding our Premium Membership Program can be found here. However, strategy sometimes demands that a player “go out” sooner. It is important to remember that two wrongs do not make a right.

To “meld” you must accumulate, in sets of three or more of the same card value, the points required for melding in the current round. Top Ten The purpose of the League is to climb to the top and the competition for the rungs in the Top Ten is high.

You can also directly challenge a specific member in chat. When you first join, you are placed in an “Unranked” category on the League.