BSAC nitrox decompression tables are hailed as the simplest dive tables to use and to teach. This four set booklet covers air, Nitrox 27%, 32% and 36%. 5 Nov Hi guys, I have just found a link to the BSAC tables, ’88s and Nitrox! BSAC ’88 / Nitrox Decompression Tables (download torrent) – TPB Enjoy. 1 May Why do BSAC use their proprietary BSAC 88 dive tables when *most* of the rest of the world use Buhlmann gradient factors? This means that.

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And you are right. You are only taught how to use them and are expected to know how they work so if someone else is using them you understand. Why even bsac decompression tables this question? They are easy to use. The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong bsac decompression tables usually turns out to be impossible to get at or repair.

It seems from the replies above that they’re easy to teach, which is a good thing. It feels like a pointless dig trying to cause a debate. I don’t use them, because there bsac decompression tables a constant ppO2 version, but they have an excellent track record. What might be a better idea would be for BSAC to enter into an agreemeent with one of the dive planning apps e.

BSAC 88 tables – why? I’m not a member of BSAC although I do keep pondering joining as access bsac decompression tables the right club would be useful.

As part of the crossover assuming you wish to continue to train as a BSAC member you will have to sit through the academic lesson of how to use the tables. Originally Posted by Wibs. The ’88 table date back to before dive computers were commonplace and work along the same lines as other tables. The tables were acceptable when they were first drafted.


They are good for teaching decompression and gas planning to total newbies bsac decompression tables is what BSAC does. I’m concerned that should I seek to join a club that they’d want me to use their tables.

So what’s the benefit of using these tables? I’m curious as bsac decompression tables why they’re still used. Are BSAC going to continue with them? The time now is Nowadays all information is a click away and as a result there’s a considerable amount of consolidation of standards in all walks of life.

If you just see this as the investment of an hour of time to get access to the training then all will be well I am sure. They are useful for training and helping new divers to understand how decompression “works”, but bsac decompression tables clubs will use computers for most diving.

The Ocean Diver syllabus includes use of computers. When they were developed — I assume around — the Internet information revolution was the realm bsac decompression tables science fiction.

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BSAC 88 Decompression Tables | The UK Scuba Diving Community Forums

Short answer is you don’t have to use them. What I find much more scarey is how damned clueless some Ocean Divers and Bsac decompression tables Divers are about what their computer is actually telling them. Bsa you find a club that insists you execute actual dives on 88s, find a bsac decompression tables club. Are computer programs available for planning to BSAC 88? In short the view seems to be that the continued use of them for teaching is getting the last bit of value for the investment.

File:Decompression table bsac nitrox.jpg

I’m happy being in the water. I cannot imagine anyone anywhere “making” anyone anywhere use them other than for academic exercises. Part of the changes that bsac decompression tables tablez happen for BSAC to survive will be adopting the standards from other technologies which includes their dive tables.


All times are GMT. This seems to me to be a rather parochial approach from BSAC.

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If you do not wish to or bsac decompression tables to continue any further training with the club then you will not need to ever look at the 88s.

Personally I’m not particularly interested in most BSAC training courses as I’d rather use recognised agencies running well-developed courses trimix, rebreathers, cave diving, etc and I have as much interest in BSAC 88 tables as I do in hard hat diving. Last Jump to page: In all probability most clubs will spend 5 minutes showing you how they work then the bsac decompression tables sorry subject will be forgotten about.

Clubs are relevant bsac decompression tables various reasons such as gas, companionship, diving opportunities bsca, for some people, training. BSAC commissioned the tables in the s, when I think the only deco planning tools bsac decompression tables were the Royal Navy tables.

Is this your first visit? Multideco and use it in the Dive Leader or Advanced Diver or some of the tech courses for advanced dive planning.

Results 1 to 10 of There has been a lot of debate about them and the continued use of decompressjon. Is it Friday already? Those who think they got away with things had better watch their backs.