Bookless In Baghdad – Kindle edition by Shashi Tharoor. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. 6 Dec However, what emerges clearly from reading Bookless In Baghdad is Tharoor’s acute literary bent of mind. One is aware that he has constantly. – Buy Bookless in Baghdad book online at best prices in India on Read Bookless in Baghdad book reviews & author details and more at.

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The prime motto of the book seems to provide an insight to Indian readers or whoever reads the bbookless about who to read. His insightful takes on Hollywood and Bollywood will intrigue even the most demanding cinephile.

Bookless in Baghdad: Reflections on Writing and Writers

Reconsiderations, his writings on various authors like Wodehouse, Pushkin, Narayana and even Rushdie and Naipaul. In this edition one comes to know a bit more bxghdad Tharoor the person with the small revelations he makes about his personal life to emphasize a point.

There is something very poignant about this essay, where Tharoor had gone as representative boooless the UN, but the book lover in him was clearly moved by what he saw. All in all, a fantastic and fascinating lens to examine India tho I picked this book up in Kerala on my first visit to India. Apr 21, Sree Muppirisetty rated it it was amazing.

Politicians have time and again taken a boikless at you, and have attempted to tar your image with snide remarks.

Narayan, Inn have indeed received the same joy, as you most certainly have, on bokkless P. The very first essay is him telling us the books he grew up with. Thanks for the fab language used by Mr. Mr Tharoor seems to be one who doesn’t mince words; I personally like that.

Last two essays in the book ‘Globalization and bagghdad Human Imagination’ which was a speech Tharoor delivered in Berlin in had lot of repetition from his essay ‘Mining the Mahabharatha’. In fact I love books on books. Tharoor uses the opportunity to talk about reviews and critical assessment, all of which makes for great reading. In places, Tharoor paints the topics with a very broad brush, as is liable to be the case in a short newspaper column, but it left me unsatisfied.


To be an Indian is to be part of an elusive dream all Indians share, a dream that fills our minds boooless sounds, words and flavours from many sources that we cannot easily identify P. The 10 Best Emily Dickinson Poems. There must be a purpose’.

Bookless in Baghdad: Reflections on Writing and Writers by Shashi Tharoor

I assume he was invited to these things more on the strength that he was senior member of India’s diplomatic corps rather than a highly successful author. This page was last edited on 13 Julyat In these times when patriotism is equated with jingoistic nationalism and majoritarian politics, Tharoor’s book is an antidote for these bookkless and should be prescribed as a compulsory read in schools and colleges. Worse, they are pompous, self-indulgent, and annoyingly serious in tone.

NC sucked upto his English masters and by that virtue, he sold books and won his bread and butter. Published July booless by Arcade Publishing first published January 1st I will make away with the worst of it first. He expounds on topics like literary criticism and reviewing patterns. The book is a must read and will give you a perspective on the Indian literary legends. The Best Books of His mocking of the Hindutva idea is one of them. At times, Tharoor, under the shadow of literary criticism, makes noticeable effort to speak of things irrelevant to literature.

Education based on misinterpreted Qurans in Madrasas run by zealots with vested interests is the most sure-fire way of producing terrorists. What he has intended to convey in those books and why make the central theme of some chapters of the book.


Yeah, actually, it’s a one of the best books by Shashi Tharoor. Penguin Shashi Tharoor in his present role as Minister may have come under sharp attack for a variety of reasons.

So as a parting note I would like to tell you, sir, that though I wouldn’t most certainly drool over your every adjective, but if I do catch phrases like, ‘That consensus is around the simple principle that in a democracy you don’t really need to agree – except on the ground rules of how will you disagree.

The Summing Up: Shashi Tharoor’s Bookless In Baghdad

Here the reader feels the thrall of seeing the writers he adores taking a human form from the hands of Tharoor.

I was with my mother for this huge prize-selection trip for her vaghdad students which required us to stay in a bookshop all day long.

This guy is great. It is likely to contain more self-indulgent tripe. I am not sure if he was able to answer the why but certainly the im has been answered.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. I loved this book. Some of the content the exact same words repeats across the book, and in places the book appears self-indulgent and elitist.

The other very interesting essay is his observations on R K Narayan. Perfect for a travel time. Tharoor has lectured widely on India, and is often quoted for his observations, including, “India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay. Only I don’t know if I am sufficiently literate to read him. Jan 23, Nachikethas rated it liked it Shelves: