In Gurmukhi (Punjabi). Visit our library at sikh_library/ Guru Nanak Dev Ji met Jinda Mahatma Kabir Ji Evidence in Bhai Bale Wali – JANAM SAKHI – Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Topic: Swaal Kaji Rukndin Soora – ਸੁਆਲ. God Kabir had asked Guru Nanak Dev Ji for this secret information about the True Naam Guru Nanak Dev kept Satnam Secret – Janam Sakhi – Bhai Bala.

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His father-in-law curses his fate to have a son-in-law like Guru Nanak. The Guru was stated to have uttered the following Shabad. The child began to show disturbing signs of withdrawal from the world.

There seems to be much confusion on this forum on the topic of whether Bhai Bala was a real person or not. Sakh have lifted Baba Handal to such an extent that he had reached the Court of God. Sikh literature Guru Nanak Dev.

Janamsakhis – Wikipedia

When Guru Ji turned seven he was taken to a pundit to learn how to read. Your comments always start from something like conteroversial issue and then you goes “Is everybody getting mad at me”. These compositions have been written at various stages after the death of the first guru.

It’s a pointless topic, those who don’t want to see the truth won’t. However to counter-act Guru ji being claimed as a muslim, hindus created Bhai Bala ji in old texts.


The chief of the Niranjania sect, Baba Handal has been greatly praised and has been shown of much higher status than Guru Nanak Dev. He supposedly died in Khadur Sahib, in his late 70s, in Sardar Karam Singh reached the conclusion that Bhai Bala’s Janamsakhi was written at the initiative of the Niranjania sect.


To give the individual the balz of rational thought and deductive reasongin and be able to bwla them in every walk of bsla life.

Did Bhai Bala Exist? Sodhi Miharban who gives his name to the janam-sakhi was closely associated with the Mina sect and the Minas were very hostile towards the Gurus around the period of Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

Last time I saw your post “conflicts” where you share all the things that people fight about and updating your lists putting too much effort.

When it first came about it was very lyrical and poetic and was about bringing around positive social change and reform, the media then corrupted the movement and made it about sex, alcohol sakgi money, media is owned aakhi the government and the government didnt want thise social changes. Guru Sahib Ji duly signed it and commended it as a means of acquiring knowledge of Sikh belief. Although the new name of this city had been decided, at the time of Guru Nanak Dev himself, but became current only after it was registered in official records.

It created confusion in Sikhs, which still continues.

His mother-in-law is quarrelsome and hardhearted. The date is given as the third day of the light half of the month and the birth is said to have taken hala during the last watch before dawn.

Sardar Karam Singh historian has proved that this book was written after Bikrami A.


The fourth and evidently the latest is the Gyan-ratanavali attributed to Bhai Mani Singh who wrote it with the express bhau of correcting heretical accounts of Guru Nanak. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. The second point is all the more surprising. If you wish to converse with Guru Ji, then go to your local Gurdwara and ask Guru ji there in the form of Ardaas.

Bhai Bale Wali Janam Sakhi

The term Puratan janamsakhis means ancient janam-sakhis and is generally used with reference to the composite work which was compiled by Bhai Vir Singh and first published in Music videos are not good and will put wrong things in your head especially with all the fat ses twirking on your screen. How strange it is! One day Nanak went to the river and while bathing messengers of God came and he was transported to the divine court.

According to the author, saihi was a close companion of Guru Nanak and accompanied him on many of his travels. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With this history, one jjanam say without fear that this Janamsakhi was made at the end of Guru Gobind Singh’s time. Here he took hbai employment with Daulat Khan. Nothing bad against you but do some positive parchar my friend.