1 Internship Report on Bank Alfalah ltd. BANK ALFALAH LIMITED Alamdar Road Quetta Institute of management science university of Baluchistan. This report is an upshot of my six weeks internship in Bank Al-Falah, Urdu Bazar Branch, Main Kabir Street, Urdu Bazar, Lahore – Pakistan. Bank Al-Falah. Bank Alfalah Internship Report – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Percentage of waiver depends on the reason due to which charges imposed on vehicle. Sales acquiring includes installation of POS machines at different merchant locations.

The bank has already made significant contribution in building and strengthening both corporate and retail banks sector in Pakistan. As the work environment plays a great role in this competition age, so the bank has good work environment.

Its profits are increasingly year by year. We commenced car financing in the year July We feel immense pride that our car financing has redefined operating standards. With a focused abnk efficient platform we expect nothing less of ourselves and offer nothing less to our clients. With Money Gram your money is transferred immediately and usually arrives at the receiving end within 10 minutes while other services can take days or weeks. In case contact alfslah not established with the borrower then a notice with seven days grace period is served.

Every month we give ads in newspaper for bidding and sale the vehicle to highest bidder after open bidding. Offering lowest rate of markup of 12, This notion has given us strength to face the future challenges. Thy bank is serving the people at high level of standard by going according to the wishes of the customers.

The ratio of profit is increasing at good percentage. My new assignment is to maximize profit of Auto Loan Department where I look for internwhip mature cases, send the reminders to customer and try to alfxlah up with customer so that they could pay the remaining amount and collect their NOC and Excise file. This process benefits from an inherent system of checks and balances at each level. This support centre has greatly facilitated the overall sales efforts of the Bank.


Today as we look back towards the milestones achieved, we are filled with immense satisfaction, to have come such a long way since inception of the car finance business. You can avail matchless discounts each zlfalah you charge your card at these outlets.

Internship report is prepared on the basis of full fledge analysis of an organization. This includes credit marketing department, credit administration department, and trade finance service department.

Our notion is to serve the quality through customized and comprehensive offers for our customers. This department is concerned with revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities. Alfalah Car Finance is another market leader offering superior value and convenience to its clients. The product has facilitated in creating strong brand recognition for BAL in the market. The department deals with extending the loans under the SBP regulations. I certify that I have read report Bank Alfalah Limited in detail slfalah in my opinion this work meets the criteria for approving a project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements intetnship the Masters Degree at Institute.

We are confident of our untiring abilities to continue delivering rport growth. Employees are given the benefits like bonus, gratuity funds, loans, increments, house rent, medical and conveyance allowances. For reporh Nadra death certificate is needed and application from family o the deceased customer. The array of products continues to satisfy the banking requirements of our customers.

Where I use to deal with such cases mentioned below. If customer tries to contact court for settlement we try to settle the account with customer on which both parties agree. And lastly, I would propose an idea of a product for the bank, in the area in which they already have a competitive niche, which, again, considering the current situations cannot be taken away from them for the time being for another some time in Pakistan.

This department includes credit card software support and maintenance, in-house programming and development and in-house technical support. Offering card members a range of features design to protect you and your family from the setbacks of life, at very affordable rates. Financing scheme launched by the Bank offers great potential of becoming yet another important product of the Bank. All the customers are entertained individually. Things which are required for car financing: They are used especially for risk management.


Assignment Point – Solution for Best Assignment Paper

But bank has lot of opportunities to improve its quality of services, and do efficient banking. Repoet risk management involves new accounts, customer reassessment unit, verifications, collections and recovery. During the last quarter BAL kept its position as a major mortgage financier, in spite of aggressive competitive posturing by other major banks.

The bank aims to invariably improve its existing standards by adopting innovative measures and exploring new perspectives for both alfqlah and customer care.

Internship Report on Bank Alfalah Limited – Assignment Point

Repirt Alfalah has deployed all available resources to ensure that its portfolio remains adequately protected from sudden reversals.

In bank, all the work is done remotely. Bank Alfalah has grown This customer focused banking strategy has enabled Bank Alfalah to evolve as a single source financial service provider of Corporate and retail banking services. Offering you the facility that saves you the extra that you pay internsihp you use Alfalah Credit Card at all patrol pumps in Pakistan.

Bank Alfalah Internship Report – Bohat ALA

Offering discounts at wide range of outlets, selected especially to much your taste. The write off is necessary to remove the asset of the bank which is considered to be irrecoverable from the borrower. After restructuring of the bank the objectives of the bank are changed.